Google: 300,000 Android phones activated daily

Android creator makes claim on Twitter

Figure comes just four months after Google CEO said 200,000 phones were being activated every day.

Need yet more evidence that Google Android continues to be the hottest mobile OS out there? Then look no further. Android boss Andy Rubin has taken to Twitter and made the following astonishing claim.

“There are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day.” Short, pithy and to the point, but a stat which is incredible when you consider that it was only August when Google CEO Eric Schmidt said 200,000 Android phones were being fired up daily.

Of course, Apple and RIM will dispute Rubin’s statement. But there’s simply no denying that in just over two years, Android has become the dominant mobile platform. It sits atop smartphone sales charts and is constantly on tech watchers’ lips.

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Via Engadget