Free PS3 games PSN Welcome Back gift extended

Grab your PS3 and PSP freebies before they're gone

Sony extends access to the PSN Welcome back package which includes a selection of free PS3 games

Sony has announced that it is extending its PSN Wecome Back package which includes a series of free PS3 games and access to PlayStation Plus, until Tuesday.

Originally, Sony had intended to end the deal just after midnight on July 3rd. The company has now given UK PS3 gamers until 5pm to get their hands on a selection of PS3 games which includes Little Big Planet, Infamous and Wipeout HD. PSP gamers also have a freebie selection to choose from which includes Killzone Liberation and ModNation.

The compensation was in response to a series of PlayStation Network attacks where initially PSN services went down for over 24 hours. This outage went on to last for over a month with 77 million members having details stolen including including names, birth dates, email addresses and passwords.

Sony apologised for the PlayStation Network hack at E3 last month and offered the Welcome Back package which also included access to PlayStation Plus and Music Unlimited services.

If you haven't done so already, your free games can be accessed in the PlayStation Store now.

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Source: T3 Video