Firefox Home submitted to App Store

Mozilla hoping its effort can follow Opera Mini

New iPhone browser syncs desktop settings with Apple's blower. But will it get the go ahead?

Mozilla has just handed its Firefox Home app over to Apple’s App Store police for approval. Touted as a supplement rather than an alternative to Safari, the add-on offers some enticing features which everyone’s clearly hoping Cupertino will get on board with.

As well as offering a chance to surf using your iPhone, Firefox Home also uses Firefox Sync to save your desktop browser settings and bookmarks, which you can then either access using Mozilla’s own app or even Safari.

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It’s certainly a neat trick and one which tightly integrates browsing sessions between devices. And with Opera Mini having been given the the green light earlier this year, Mozilla is clearly hopeful that its effort will get similar treatment.

Indeed, the last line of Mozilla’s official blog post reads, “Once Firefox Home is accepted to the App Store, we’ll post and let you know how to install it on your iPhone or iPod Touch.” Clearly it doesn’t know much about the approval policy down at Infinite Loop.

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Link: Mozilla