BT and BSkyB pay £3bn for Premier League coverage rights

BT joins forces with Sky in effort to up its sports content

BT's deal with BSkyB has once again resulted in the Premier League becoming the most valuable domestic league in the world thanks to a 70 per cent price hike

BT and BSkyB have bought the coverage rights for the Premier League for the next three years at the staggering cost of £3 billion making the Premier League the most valuable domestic sports league in the world.

The astonishing price that has been agreed is a 70 per cent rise on last years price and lasts for three years with BSkyB footing the majority of the bill.

By paying £760 million per season Sky customers will be able to enjoy 116 live games whether it's through their Sky TV or via the Sky Go iPad and iPhone app.

BT on the other hand has gone for a smaller deal instead paying the positively small price in comparison of £246 million a season with the UK Internet, TV and Phone company getting 38 live games per season.

This does however mean that current holders of the rights, ESPN, will lose all their Premier League matches ousting them as the current channel of choice for Premier League football games.

Interestingly BT's shares actually dropped following the deal after concerns were raised that the company had overpaid for the rights despite its desire to entice new customers to BT Vision.

Source: Reuters