Apple TV: bargain show rentals incoming?

US chatter points to 99c programmes

Talk comes ahead of mooted Apple TV update later this summer.

Those Apple TV rumours are really starting to come thick and fast now. And the latest talks up the set top box’s rental credentials, with word that US punters will be able to snaffle TV shows for 99c a pop.

That would certainly tie in with Apple TV getting a new lease of life and move Cupertino away from selling individual episodes at a cut price. It would also let them stream shows from the cloud rather than forcing you to load up your hard drive.

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There’s no talk about if, or when, such an offering would land in the UK. Considering Apple’s previous in taking its own sweet time to bring movie rentals to iTunes here in Blighty, there could be a chance we’ll have to wait while Stateside telly fans get their fill.

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Via newteevee