Footballers on Twitter: Best rants ever

Players who have fallen foul of the micro-blogging site

With the new Premier League season up and running supporters will once again be glued to events on the pitch and events on Twitter as more players open up accounts on the micro-blogging site. For every polished football tweeter like @rioferdy5 however, there's a squad of players still getting to grips with how it all works.

Forget the luxurious motors, the oversized headphones on the team bus, or even the W.A.G, having a Twitter account is fast becoming one of those things no footballer should be without.

Supporters love having interaction with the players they idolize, and players can in turn reassure supporters that they are not all about picking up more than we earn in a year in just a week.

Unlike the newspaper, radio or TV interview where footballers are well versed on when to bring out those customary clichés, in the Twittersphere some have found more freedom in expressing their thoughts about the beautiful game. Some have been refreshing, but as the following eleven examples show, it's not always been approved by managers, owners and even their beloved supporters.

Darren Bent (@DBTT39)

Kicking off with the man who brought us our first Twitter rant, step forward Mr Darren Bent.

Fed up of warming the bench at Tottenham Hotspur, striker Bent appeared to be finally getting the move he craved. But in true Premier League fashion the deal to take him to Sunderland was taking some time to go through. The delay caused Bent to vent his frustration through Twitter saying: "Why can't anything be simple. It's so frustrating hanging round doing jack s***."

When Spurs chairman Daniel Levy surveyed other offers from other clubs, Bent threw his toys out of the pram angrily Tweeting, "Do I wanna go to Hull City NO. Do I wanna go to stoke NO do I wanna go sunderland YES so stop f****** around levy." Thankfully irritated Darren eventually got his move.

Aaron Lennon (@AaronLennonps1)

Who do you believe? Manager or player? With a big game looming against the mighty Real Madrid in the Champions League, Spurs winger Aaron Lennon was surprisingly omitted from the line-up despite expecting to start the crucial tie.

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp claimed the player fell ill just minutes before the game, but Lennon set the record straight via Twitter hours later saying: "Saying i fell ill be4 the game is bull**** i fell ill on sunday morning where the med team put me on antibotics, but only got worse b4 tues. "Believe me this is 1 game i did no wnt to miss and still devo now!!!! But will not be made a scapegoat saying they only knew jus b4 K O."

Spurs lost the game, and while some were making Lennon the scapegoat for the defeat, it was generally agreed that Real Madrid was just the better team.

Danny Gabiddon

One of the great things about having footballers on Twitter is the great interaction players can have with the supporters right? Well unsurprisingly it's not always a bed of roses in the relationship as West Ham supporters were on the receiving end of a rant by former West Ham defender Danny Gabbidon.

Gabbidon, not happy with some of the support his team got in their 2-1 home defeat to Aston Villa tweeted: "U know what f*** the lot of of you u will never get another tweet from me again u just don't get it do you. Bye bye."

Gabiddon was fined £6,000 for his tirade, has since stopped tweeting and left the club for Premier League newcomers QPR.

David Bentley

Where there is a Premier League footballer, there is most likely to be WAG not too far behind. Tottenham Hotspur midfielder David Bentley's girlfriend who so distraught with Bentley's manager Harry Redknapp and his inability to sort out his future, gave her opinion on matters via Twitter.

Kimberly Bentley wrote: 'What's happening? F*** all and its starting to wind me up!! Sort it out Harry for f*** sake.'

0Bentley did get his move in the end to now relegated Birmingham City and now finds himself back at Tottenham in a very similar predicament.

Glen Johnson (@glen_johnson)

A young man who was once rapped for attempting to nick a toilet seat from a store, Johnson hit the headlines after responding to a rather frank assessment of his footballing talents. Former footballer Paul Merson and resident pundit on Sky Sports show Soccer Saturday claimed that Johnson "can't defend for toffee" adding, "Glen Johnson wouldn't go anywhere for 18 million quid."

Johnson responded on Twitter saying,"Comments from alcoholic drug abusers are not going to upset me and who is Paul Merson to judge players. He was average at the best of times, the only reason he is on that show is coz [sic] he gambled all his money away. The clown!" Well, he kind of has a point...

Jack Wilshere (@jack_wilshere)

It was arguably one of the best games of the Premier League 2010-11 season and while the neutrals may have enjoyed hearing the 4-4 draw between Newcastle and Arsenal unfold, Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere was not so enthused.

Pointing to the sending off of team mate Abou Diaby, Wilshere tweeted: "Inconsistent refereeing needs to stop. Its killing the game. If Diaby goes..Whats the difference between that and Nolan on our keeper!?? #joke"

Wilshere was not reprimanded for his outburst, but the young midfielder will no doubt have been warned about his tweeting conduct.

Joey Barton (@joey7barton)

A man who is never shy from the odd controversial moment or two, Joey Barton as we write is still a Newcastle United player, however that is likely to change in the very near future if the Newcastle hierarchy have anything to do with it.

Barton has been given a free transfer despite having one year left on his contract and has been made to train with the reserves after a series of tweets revealing how disillusioned he was with life at the club were deemed the last straw.

Disappointed tweets included: "Made to train alone today, how predictable... and, "ha ha, the inevitable, 2 weeks wages fine has just arrived. Needless to say it shall be appealed forthwith. #kickingamanwhilstthesdownha.

Barton still remains at the club, but then there are still a few more weeks until the transfer window shuts...

Jose Enrique (@j_enrique3)

One possible deterrent from bad Tweeting practice could be to hit players where it hurts most, their big wage packets. That's exactly what happened to Newcastle defender Jose Enrique who was fined £100,000 after he ripped into the club's board about their current transfer policy.

Enrique tweeted: "The club is allowing all the major players of the team to go. Seriously, do you think it is the fault of the players? Andy [Carroll], nobby [Kevin Nolan] etc etc. This club will never again fight to be among the top six again with this policy."

Enrique now looks on his way to Liverpool and his team mate who's next in the list could be heading for that exit door as well...

Kaka (@KAKA)

Manchester City were willing to pay him in millions to play at their club, but the Brazilian opted for the sunnier shores of Madrid. Except things didn't go too smoothly in his first season at the Bernabeu.

After Kaka was replaced in a Champions League tie against French side Olympique Lyonnais the Brazilian tweeted: "A cowardly coach always substitutes a player to try to divert attention from his own powerlessness."

It later transpired that Kaka's media manager Diogo Kotscho actually tweeted the message from the player's account. Interestingly, the coach in question Manuel Pellegrini is no longer in charge of Real Madrid, while Kaka remains warming the bench.

Michael Duberry (Original_Dubes)

Remember him? The former Chelsea defender landed himself in hot water at previous club St Johnstone, with his tweeting behaviour after his side lost to Dundee United.

In a game where his side saw a man sent off 15 minutes into the game, Duberry tweeted his thoughts on the referee's performance saying: "I f***ing hate refs!!! I hope the officials are embarrassed by their performance! F***ing rubbish." Duberry can now be found plying his trade at League Two outfit Oxford United.

Ryan Babel (@ryanbabel)

Disappointment in refereeing performances seem to be a consistent reason for footballers venting their anger on the Twitter airwaves, and while most stay within the boundaries of the 140 characters, former Liverpool forward Ryan Babel decided to go one step further with his frustration at the man in the middle.

When Manchester United were awarded a decisive penalty against Liverpool in a FA Cup Third round match, Babel posted a mocked-up image of referee Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt with the message, "And they call him one of the best referees? That's a joke. SMH."

The link was soon deleted with an apology from Babel, but that was not enough for the Dutch player to escape a £10,000 and a warning about his future conduct.

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