EE plans to boost your home Wi-Fi to hyperspeeds with new Wi-Fi 7 router

T3 gets its hands on images of EE's new router under development

EE Wi-Fi 7 router
(Image credit: Future)
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T3 has managed to get hold of a couple of images of the proposed new Wi-Fi 7 router coming from EE later this year.

Our sources tell us that it will be compliant with the next-gen Wi-Fi standard and provide multi-gigabit wireless connectivity around the home.

Later this year, EE will launch a new Wi-Fi 7 router to meet demands for superfast, multi-gigabit wireless connectivity throughout the home.

T3 has received a couple of images of the new router in development from sources close to the project at EE, who also tell us that the device will be trialled soon for potential launch later this year.

We've added a touch of our own creativity to the images, but you can clearly see the design is modern and in-fitting with today's smart home aesthetics. It measures less than 10-inches tall and 5-inches wide, so should sit nicely on a sideboard or shelving unit.

We've also been informed that it will be made from up to 95% recycled plastics.

Of course, it's also what the router will be capable of that counts, and we've learned that it will comply with the Wi-Fi 7 standard, which includes an additional 6GHz channel with 320MHz bandwidth to ensure everyone in the home has access to fast broadband, even with multiple devices working at the same time.

Its multi-link operation enables data to be sent over multiple bands at the same time, while 4K QAM support affords up to a 20% increase in peak data transmission.

Basically, you can use your Apple Vision Pro, while a family member plays Call of Duty on a PS5 and another streams the new season of Umbrella Academy in Ultra HD and Dolby Vision over Netflix. Plus, with EE itself and other providers now offering TV services exclusively over the internet, you can be rest assured that none of the above will affect the latest episode of Eastenders.

EE Wi-Fi 7 router

(Image credit: Future)

We don't yet know an exact date for the launch of the new router, nor which services it will be offered with. Pricing is also yet to be revealed.

However, we'll keep our ear to the ground on more information in the build up and let you know as soon as possible.

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