Vodafone just announced big broadband upgrade – taking on EE and Sky

Vodafone reveals new Power Hub router and Super Wi-Fi 6 booster

Vodafone Power Hub
(Image credit: Vodafone)

With working from home (or 'WFH', who doesn't love an acronym?) now increasingly the norm, many of us are dependent on a solid broadband connection that can deliver reliability for your world of work, while coping with your personal life's demands – whether watching one of the best streaming services or digging into an online gaming session.

Fortunately, the service providers know this and are looking to up the ante. Vodafone has just revealed its latest kit to deliver an upgraded broadband experience for customers – in the form of a new 'Power Hub' router and 'Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster'. No need to buy one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers separately then!

Vodafone uses the Openreach network – the same as EE and Sky also utilise – but has a campaign for existing users on said network, saying that switching to Vodafone could save "over £200 on average"). Doing so doesn't undermine the quality of the network, with many Openreach-connected homes able to receive up to Gigabit speeds (if you're willing to pay for it anyway).

Vodafone's Power Hub can "connect over 100 smart devices" and "achieve speeds of up to 910Mbps". That's more than enough (and then some) to keep all kinds of data and services in good order – whether you're supporting an Amazon Fire Stick 4K Max, or downloading massive games on your PlayStation 5

Better still, the Super Wi-Fi 6 Booster is designed to work with the Power Hub for reliable coverage around your home. Again, no need to buy one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems separately. Pairing both bits of kit will improve signal so that wireless connections are no longer a write-off. 

Vodafone's pricing starts at £26 per month for customers, with an additional £7 for the Booster's inclusion, totalling £33 per month. Step up to Vodafone's Pro II packages, which include even better Wi-Fi 6E speed compatibility, and you're looking at a starting point of £39 per month. Combine your existing mobile plan with broadband and you could receive a discount on the above rates. 

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