How VPNs work with all of the most popular streaming services

Confused about when you might need a VPN for some streaming services? Fear not - we are here to explain what a VPN can do on each of your favourite streaming platforms.

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Streaming services are a staple in most of our lives but we’ve all had our struggles with location restrictions when it comes to watching our favourite shows. The simplest solution is to use one of the best streaming VPN services and here we’re going to explain how to make the most out of all of your favourite streaming services by using the best VPN

If you’re new to the world of VPN, they are a simple bit of software that tricks your device into thinking it is in a different location. This helps to get around geo-blocks and improves the security of your device, keeping your personal information protected at all times. 

Whether it is Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime you are looking to watch, keep reading to find out how a VPN works with all of your favourite streaming services. But do note a lot of these streaming services have VPN blocking technology because using a VPN is against some Ts&Cs. Even though this means your account may be terminated, this isn’t something we have ever seen reported – so proceed at your own (very minimal) risk.

How to use a VPN with Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix is well known for its extensive library of films, series and originals that varies from country to country. The 1000s of titles available are great until you want to watch a show that is only available on another nation's Netflix. Fear not - just download and install one the best Netflix VPNs to trick your device into thinking it is elsewhere. So if you’re halfway through a series and it’s about to leave your local Netflix, or you’re after film favourites like The Ice Roads that are only available on the US site, grab yourself a VPN. 

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Streaming BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK

If you’re a sucker for a classic UK soap like EastEnders or need your fix of a British drama, BBC iPlayer is the streaming service for you. But what if you’re out of the country and blocked from the BBC iPlayer website? Easy - just download an iPlayer VPN, set your location to the UK and watch any of the 100s of shows available, including the coverage from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

 Watch Amazon Prime from abroad with a VPN

If you’ve paid for an Amazon Prime subscription you’re going to want to make use of it all year round right? Make the most of your subscription by using one of the best Fire Stick VPN services to dodge geo-blocks if you’re out of the country on holiday. 

Amazon Prime is a little bit different when it comes to using a VPN though. You will only be able to access the content from the country that you signed up in. So if you’re from the US and are away from home, download a VPN, put the location to the US, and watch all of your usual shows wherever you are.

How to use a VPN with All 4

Similar to BBC’s iPlayer, All 4 is a UK-only streaming service, hosting BAFTA award winning series like It’s A Sin and American favourite, A Handmaid’s Tale. With so many favourites available online, you’ll want to know how to stream all the big titles for free from wherever you end up this summer. Download and install a VPN, set the location to the UK and watch as if you were here at home in Blighty.

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Stream UK exclusive shows on ITV Hub from anywhere 

For all of you Love Island fanatics out there who want to keep up to date with how many eggs are in each contestant's basket, ITV Hub is the place to be. If you’re out of the country during the 8 weeks of summer romance, use a VPN and set your location to the UK to watch Love Island 2021 as soon as it airs. Not a fan of this year’s contestants? Watch the previous 6 series on the ITV Hub. Or if the reality show isn’t your type on paper, there are 100s of other titles to explore from anywhere when you use a VPN with the ITV Hub.

Using a VPN with YouTube to avoid restrictions

Over the years most of us have learnt that schools and places of work love to block YouTube to stop us from getting distracted. But there is a simple way around these restrictions. All you need to do is download and install the best VPN for YouTube onto your device and set it to a different location. Then you can browse the millions of videos on YouTube to your heart’s content. 

Stream Peacock TV from outside the US

This is the USA's very own free online service, much like the BBC iPlayer in the UK. Although you can watch for free, there is the option of an ad-free premium tier that comes at a small price. If you do not want to waste your hard earned cash by leaving the premium subscription unused whilst you’re out of the country, download and install a US VPN. Once downloaded, set your location to the US and stream the Peacock library as if you never left the States. 

Watch Channel 7 / 7 Play from anywhere with a VPN

The Aussies among us will know this service well, especially during this Olympic fortnight when Channel 7 are offering some seriously good Olympic coverage. If you want to continue streaming the local Olympic broadcasting or watch some other Aussie classics whilst you’re abroad, this is where a VPN comes into play. Download and install a VPN to whichever device you are watching on, set the location to Australia and you’ll have all of the home comforts of being Down Under from wherever you are in the world. 

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