TechRadar Sustainability Awards to recognise the best tech initiatives to help save the planet

Our sister site is launching its first Sustainability Awards in May

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TechRadar has launched its first Sustainability Awards, with five initiatives and/or products to be rewarded during this year's TechRadar Choice Awards.

The inaugural full TechRadar Sustainability Awards will then take place in April 2025.

It's award season in techland and that means many products will soon be heralded as the best in their individual fields for the last 12 months. The T3 Awards is among the events coming up soon, while our sister title, TechRadar, will also host its own annual TechRadar Choice Awards.

However, along with the usual class-leading tech, the site will also introduce categories to reward initiatives in sustainability this year. There will be five Sustainability Heroes awards joining TechRadar's lineup, ahead of a full TechRadar Sustainability Awards that will launch in 2025.

You can find out more on TechRadar itself, including details of how to nominate your own products or initiatives for consideration. And there is a more detailed look at the different categories chosen by the team at brand partner Seismic.

You can also see each category below:

Embodied carbon

This relates to the carbon emissions caused in the process of manufacturing, transportation and disposal of products and materials, and the reduction thereof.


Electronic waste is a big issue for the tech industry, with traditionally short lifecycles of some products leading to millions of devices left unused. However, recycling and responsible disposal at company level can help tackle the problem.

Designed for disposal

Many tech firms are starting to release products with sustainability in mind, on how a device can be broken down easily and responsibly.

Digital inclusion

Narrowing the digital divide worldwide is key to ensuring the global community can stay connected, no matter financial or regional restrictions.

Raw material extraction

Managing the acquisition of raw materials for product manufacture can be tricky, so sourcing them ethically and sustainably is a must.

Energy consumption

Every tech product today needs power to operate, but how are companies ensuring their devices draw as little as possible? That's a big question when looking at the overall picture.

Supply chain sustainability

As well as a greener supply chain, a sustainable outlook would be to also consider labour practices and ethical issues.

So that's the list for now. Head over to TechRadar right now to find out more on the TechRadar Sustainability Awards for 2024, and even suggest those you think are worthy of inclusion.

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