The best Amazon Echo Dot Cyber Monday deals

Amazon's third generation Echo Dot is one of the best Alexa-powered devices around. Don't miss out on these Cyber Monday deals

Amazon Echo Dot Black Friday
(Image credit: Amazon)

It's that time of year again: Cyber Monday deals are upon us, bringing with them a huge array of discounts on the most popular tech, gadgets, accessories, fashion, toys, and more. One fantastic example: Amazon is offering money off the fantastic Alexa-powered Echo Dot. 

The Echo Dot is the entry-level way to get into Amazon's Alexa ecosystem, a world where the smart assistant can do pretty much everything from turning your lights on and off to messaging friends, setting reminders, and playing the radio. It's incredibly convenient and the quickest way to getting a smart home.

Within Amazon's Echo line-up, the Dot is the baby. Amazon recently updated the Dot with a new spherical design but continues to sell – and discount – the third-generation model, which takes the form of a flat puck.

Once installed, the Echo Dot is ready to go. A small but powerful speaker is more than enough for radio and calls and the Dot can output to bigger speaker systems if you have one, placing Alexa at the heart of your home.

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Max Slater-Robins

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