iPad 6/iPad Pro: Release date, price, specs, news and rumours

Update: iPad Pro to launch early 2014?

Since Apple launched the iPad Air speculation that Apple is planning to launch a larger 'iPad Pro', potentially alongside the iPad Air 2, has continued to grow in recent months

Apple's current flagship tablet its the 9.8-inch iPad Air, which went on sale in November 2013. It's unlikely that Apple will launch another tablet out of sync with the rest of them, meaning the larger iPad Pro could be the iPad 6.

Since it launched the smaller iPad Mini – and later the iPad Mini Retina – speculation has been rife that the company may go the other way and launch a larger tablet.

This is an article about the iPad 6. We'll be rounding up all the latest news and rumours about the tablet in the run up to its unveiling next year.

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iPad 6/iPad Pro size

Apple is rumoured to be planning the introduction of a new, larger iPad with a huge 12.9 inch screen. To get an idea of how big it is, think about the 11-inch MacBook Air and then make it bigger.

Research firm DisplaySearch believe that if Apple were to release a 12.9-inch display it could well feature an UHD resolution display putting it at an impressive 3840x2160. This would not only make it the highest-resolution tablet available but it would also put it on par with the UHD TVs on show at CES 2014.

The latest report claiming that Apple is working on a near 13-inch screen tablet comes from the Korea Times. According to the newspaper, the company is preparing a 12.9-inch tablet.

It follows earlier reports by the Wall Street Journal in July and Barclays Equity Research in October that the company is working on a larger tablet with a screen around that size.

The latter claimed that Apple sees the larger 13-inch tablet as a possible replacement for laptops.

But exactly how big would that device be? According to CNET, a tablet with a 13-inch screen would require a frame of around 15-inches, making it as large as Apple's MacBook smaller range. It also throws up the question of how portable such a tablet would be.

iPad 6/iPad Pro specs

Little is know about what to expect in the iPad Pro. If Apple does buck its traditional launch schedule and bring the device to market in early 2014, it is likely to come with an A7 processor clocked slightly higher than the one found in the iPad Air.

It's also likely that it would come with 3GB or 4GB of RAM, especially if Apple sees it as a possible alternative to laptops.

iPad 6/iPad Pro release date

According to some rumours, Apple is said to be planning to launch a 12.2-inch iPad Pro in early 2014. In November, a report from Korea Times cited manufacturing sources saying that Apple is likely to launch the device in the new year to compete with the rumoured 12.2-inch tablet rumoured to be in production by rival Samsung.

What is more likely is that Apple will hold off the launch of its iPad 6/iPad Pro until November next year. That will mean an October 2014 unveiling for the device.