Huawei folding phone could appear before Samsung Galaxy X and folding Apple iPhone

The handset that’s also a tablet could be in your pocket soon

Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei looks set to race Apple and Samsung to release the first foldable smartphone in 2018, and according to a leaked release date it may just win.

According to sources of ETNews, Huawei wants to release its folding phone as soon as November this year, which will apparently be a world first. Suggesting this source knows that Samsung and Apple aren’t releasing folding phones in their usual release rotations this year. We’ve already heard another rumour about Huawei releasing a folding phone so this holds weight.

The Huawei foldable phone will apparently use screens from LG Display which are able to fold in on themselves. That should mean a screen which folds out into a larger display without unsightly join lines – like on the ZTE Axon M attempt.

The Samsung Galaxy X is also alleged to use a folding screen, although in Samsung style this will be AMOLED, of course. Apple is also reportedly working on a folding phone but little is known about it at this stage aside from a patent description.

While Huawei might well be first to release a folding phone, will it be the best? Or will it be rushed out and actually put people off the idea, only to end up loving it again when Apple releases a refined version? It is often the way. We’ll find out this November if this leak proves to be accurate.