The best memory foam mattress toppers: don’t chuck away your old mattress just yet

A mattress topper can be the saving grace when it comes to nightmare mattresses; and they’re much cheaper than investing in a new one, too.

The best memory foam mattress topper

Whether your mattress is too hard, too soft or just old and tired, you don’t have to give in and replace it just yet, especially when there’s a massive market of mattress toppers ready and waiting to provide you with the miracle cure to your sleepless nights. 

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Early memory foam mattresses are notorious for making you hot and bothered on a humid summer night but the more recent ones have been developed with breathable, heat dispersing materials to provide you with a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. 

Eve are probably the market leaders when it comes to memory foam mattresses toppers (and anything memory foam for that matter). Their mattress topper gets our top spot for its combination of a super supportive memory foam base and breathable knitted cover. 

Gel infused memory foam is known for being much cooler than memory foam on its own, so you may want to consider the The Topper by Panda, while those on a budget should look at the Doze Reversible Memory Foam Topper for a quality option under £100. 

The best memory foam mattress topper

1.Eve The Mattress topper

A fantastic quality memory foam mattress with a breathable fabric top

Reasons to buy
+Anti-slip underlay+Hypoallergenic

This mattress topper has plenty of qualities that make it the best. Whether it’s the combination of the 2cm breathable cooling layer and 3cm ultra supportive base, the breathable, hypoallergenic knit cover or its certified materials, there’s no reason why this mattress topper won’t solve all of your mattress grumbles. In the grand scheme of pricing, it’s not that expensive, either, which surely makes Eve your go-to for a great night’s sleep. 

John Lewis Luxury Memory Foam with Microfibre Mattress Topper

2. John Lewis Luxury Memory Foam with Microfibre Mattress Topper

A memory foam mattress encased in a plush microfibre case –you can’t get more luxurious than that

Reasons to buy
+Combines supportive memory foam with breathable microfibre+6cm thick for extra plushness

This mattress topper can disguise all sorts of sins, thanks to its thick construction and combination of supportive memory foam and soft comfortable microfibre. It is made from temperature sensitive foam, which allows air to circulate, so you shouldn’t get too hot at night.  While it’s an expensive buy, people who have bought it can’t fault its comfort levels and it’ll get another couple of years out of your existing mattress!

The Topper by Panda

3.The Topper by Panda

A gel memory foam topper that promises a cool night’s sleep

Reasons to buy
+Made from temperature regulating hydro foam+Hypoallergenic bamboo cover

If you’re worried that a memory foam mattress topper will make your bed too hot, consider a gel one. The Topper by Panda is made from temperature regulating hydro foam, which is breathable and distributes body heat so it’s not concentrated in one area. Thanks to its bamboo cover, the mattress is hypoallergenic, which is good news for allergy sufferers, and you can wash it to give your mattress a refresh when required. With 5 star reviews all round, we can’t say you’ll regret buying this memory foam mattress topper. 

Myers Superior Memory Comfort Topper

4. Myers Superior Memory Comfort Topper

Give your existing mattress a more supportive edge

Reasons to buy
+Enhances rather than disguises+20mm top layer specifically designed to relieve pressure

Although thinner than our other picks, this is the ideal mattress topper for relieving pressure points, especially when the only problem with your current mattress is that it’s a bit too hard. It’s made from a combination of foam, memory foam and polyester, which should deliver support, comfort and breathability. Because of the technology involved, this memory foam topper is fairly expensive, so grab it while it’s still on offer.

Doze Reversible Memory Foam Topper

5. Doze Reversible Memory Foam Topper

Experience comfort without a hefty price tag

Reasons to buy
+Hypoallergenic+5 unique zones for ultimate comfort

Designed by sleep experts, Doze, this memory foam mattress should deliver a fantastic level of support thanks to its 5 unique zones. Topped with a hypoallergenic washable cover, you can make sure that your bed is always feeling fresh while those who suffer with neck and shoulder problems may be interested in purchasing the matching memory foam support pillow for superior comfort all round.