Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review

The 7cm Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper will cover up lumps and bumps in any old mattress. Here's our review

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review
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T3 Verdict

The Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper is like sleeping on a giant pillow. This synthetic option is luxuriously thick, feels high quality and provides a comfortable and cushioned sleep surface. It'll be too deep for some preferences, but for others, it can be used to hide a multitude of sins beneath.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Luxuriously thick and retains its loft

  • +

    Feels well made

  • +

    Stays in place well

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Won't support your body like memory foam

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In this Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review, I'll be passing judgement on this chunky 7cm topper designed to mimic the feeling of down, but via synthetic stuffing. The 'silk' part of the name refers to a layer of carded pure mulberry silk that sits on top of the polyester stuffing and beneath the cotton casing. This silk layer is designed to regulate temperature and wick away moisture.

A decent mattress topper can do wonders in extending the lifespan of a lumpy old mattress, making an uncomfortable mattress firmer (or softer), or generally making your sleep setup feel that much more luxurious. They're also great if you're on a budget – even the best mattress toppers are typically a fair bit cheaper than the best cheap mattresses.

A thick mattress topper – like this Soak&Sleep one – can be used to mask an uneven or uncomfortable sleep surface. I've been testing one out for the past month or so – read on for my full Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review.

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review: design & comfort

At 7cm thick, the Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper one of the deepest toppers on the market, which makes it a good choice for masking a particularly lumpy, bumpy bed. However, do note that unless you've got quite a thin mattress in the first place, you'll probably need to buy deeper sheets to go with it.

This topper is filled with hollowfibre (polyester) with a silk upper layer. The sensation is a little like adding a large, thin pillow to your bed: it's not springy, but when compacted it feels quite firm. In fact, if you've got a softer memory foam mattress that you're not getting along with, this would work well to add firmness.

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review

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Due to its thickness, it can feel a little bit unwieldy and hard to move about on, but in a sort of luxurious rather than irritating way. A handful of other reviewers noted their topper went flat and required re-plumping, but I didn't have this issue – it has retained its loft well over several weeks of sleeping on it.

The headline feature is the mulberry silk top layer, which Soak&Sleep says will wick away moisture and keep you cool. I've been testing this topper out over the winter, so these properties haven't been really put through their paces yet – but I will say that it's noticeably cooler to sleep on than the memory foam mattress underneath it.

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review

(Image credit: Soak&Sleep)

Design-wise, it seems high-quality and well made. The 100% cotton cover is smooth and feels robust, and subtle taupe-coloured piping on the hems adds a further touch of luxury. A grid of stitching does a good job of holding the stuffing in place and keeping it evenly distributed. You can feel it under your body (although it didn't bother me) and it does show through your sheet. Chunky elastic straps keep this topper securely in place on your bed, and it doesn't shift about it the night. 

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review: verdict

Overall there's very little to complain about with the Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper. It feels well made, provides a comfortable and even sleep surface, seems to regulate temperature well and is thick enough to hide a multitude of sins beneath. 

Whether you get on with it or not really depends on what you're looking for from a mattress topper. If you're wanting something that moulds to your body, this is not it. And similarly, not everyone will want such a thick topper. But if you're looking for a luxurious layer to upgrade a tired mattress, the  Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper could be a great choice.

Check our Soak&Sleep discount codes page before you buy, to make sure you're not missing a bargain. 

Soak&Sleep Soft as Down Silk mattress topper review: Alternatives to consider

As I already mentioned, the Soak&Sleep mattress topper won't mould to your body. If that's something you're interested in, you need a memory foam topper like the Eve mattress topper. It's comfortable, supportive and has minimal motion transfer, plus it's currently at the top of our best mattress topper guide.

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