Eve mattress topper review: transform a tired old mattress with two layers of foam

With two layers of foam, the Eve mattress topper goes above and beyond expectations. But is it worth the expense?

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Eve mattress topper
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It's one of the most expensive toppers around, but if you're happy to stretch to its price you'll find that the Eve mattress topper gives you your money's worth. Very firm but wonderfully supportive, it'll work wonders on any old mattress.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great design and build

  • +

    Two foam layers

  • +

    Firm and supportive

  • +

    Washable top cover

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Probably too firm for some

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Stuck with a saggy old mattress that's doing your back in and depriving you of quality sleep? While the obvious solution is to ditch it and treat yourself to a new one, you could instead extend its life by adding a topper (even the best mattress toppers are much cheaper than a good mattress). With the right one you'll give your old mattress a good few extra years of service while gaining plenty of extra comfort and support.

We're big fans of Eve's other sleep products – the Eve's Premium Hybrid mattress, Eve Original Hybrid mattress and Eve memory foam pillow in particular. So does its mattress topper do the trick too? Can it recreate the magic of today's best memory foam mattresses? It's not especially cheap, but there are regular Eve mattress discount codes and sales that could help you save. 

Keep on reading to for our full Eve mattress topper review, including everything you need to know about the materials and design, as well as the important matter of how comfortable it is.

Note: As of October 2022, Eve Sleep has gone into administration, so mattresses and other sleep products from Eve will no longer be available in the near future. However, third party retailers like Amazon may still have Eve mattresses for sale, so it's best to look there for any Eve mattress deals.

Eve mattress topper review: materials

Unlike most foam mattress toppers, the Eve isn't made of a single layer of memory foam. Instead it features two layers: an 'evecomfort' layer consisting of 2cm of open-cell foam that's CertiPUR certified, and beneath that is 3cm of reflex base foam providing support. It's the same foam that's found in Eve's award-winning mattresses, and Eve claims that it's 30 times more breathable than older memory foam and will help you keep cool at night.

The removable cover is in two parts; the top and border is made of hypoallergenic and flame retardant polyester, while the base panel is polypropylene. There are sturdy straps at each corner to hook around the base of your mattress.

Depending on the size of your topper, it'll weigh between 5.2 and 11kg.

Eve mattress topper review: design

Eve mattress topper

(Image credit: Eve)

Although it's memory foam, you don't have to worry about waiting for the Eve topper to expand. It doesn't come vacuum-packed, merely rolled up snugly in a box, and as soon as you unpack it it's ready to go. The only downside of the fact that it's not vacuum-packed is that the box it arrives in is pretty big, and you might need two people to get it unpacked. An extra bonus is that while we expected the Eve topper to have that unmistakable memory foam whiff about it for a while, there was barely a hint of it.

The cover is good and soft and a great looker, with an attractive border in Eve's trademark shade of yellow. Its polypropylene base means that once you've got it on top of your mattress it won't slide around, and its straps – also in Eve yellow – feature Velcro tabs so that you can secure it easily.

Eve mattress topper review: comfort

After finding the Panda mattress topper just a bit too soft for our liking, with a tendency to get rather warm in the night, we were just a little sceptical about trying out another memory foam topper. Thankfully the Eve topper proved to be quite the opposite. 

Thanks to its two layers of foam, this isn't a topper that you'll sink into – with all the dangers of overheating that this brings. Instead the top layer of memory foam provides just the right amount of give, while the reflex foam underneath is properly supportive. It reduces motion transfer brilliantly and doesn't get hot in the night; the only warning we'd give is that it's on the firmer side, so if you typically prefer a softer sleep surface you might want to look elsewhere.

Eve mattress topper review: cleaning

Eve mattress topper

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Keeping the Eve topper clean is a piece of cake. The top section of the cover unzips and can be put in the washing machine at 40 degrees; Eve doesn't warn against tumble drying it, but we'd probably hang it out on the line to be on the safe side.

Eve mattress topper review: the small print

Eve mattress topper

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It's time to address the elephant in the bedroom: the Eve topper is one of the more expensive options on the market, and you might well balk at the price. However Eve provides a no-quibble 30-night trial so that you can be absolutely sure you've spent your money wisely. If your topper doesn't live up to expectations, Eve will collect it for free and give you a full refund.

There's also a three-year warranty; if anything goes wrong with your topper in that time, Eve will exchange it for a new one. And for most of the UK, Eve will deliver to your doorstep for free. Basically if you live in the highlands or islands it's probably best to check.

Eve mattress topper review: verdict

The Eve topper isn't cheap, but from our extensive testing we can conclude that it's definitely worth the additional expense. Its two layers of foam make all the difference, making it super-comfortable and thoroughly supportive, and without that sinking feeling you get from other memory foam toppers. It doesn't seem to overheat in the night, it stays in place perfectly, and there's no memory foam smell.

If you prefer a firmer mattress then you'll get on with it really well, and it should do an excellent job of firming up a mattress that's a bit too soft for you. On the flip side, if you don't like your bed to be too firm, you're a lot less likely to appreciate the Eve, however the 30-night trial gives you ample opportunity to get a feel for it.

Eve mattress topper review: alternatives to consider

If it's a foam topper you're interested in, but are concerned the Eve option might be too firm, you could also head to Panda. In our Panda mattress topper review, our tester was impressed with this topper. It's well-made, feels luxurious, and is a lot softer to sleep on compared with Eve's topper – you can see exactly how they compare in our Eve Topper vs Panda mattress topper head-to-head. 

If you really want to pull out the big guns, the Simba Hybrid Topper is basically a miniature mattress that sits on top of your actual mattress – it includes foam and spring layers. 

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