Eve Weighted Blanket review: a perfect woven offering for ultimate sofa snuggling

Eve Sleep's 100% cotton kitted blanket stands out from the weighted blanket crowd

Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review
(Image credit: Eve)
T3 Verdict

The Eve Sleep weighted blanket is a beautiful and cosy – if expensive – addition to any bedroom or sofa. You'll want to add a sheet or light duvet into the mix so you don't have to worry about constantly washing 7kg of 100% cotton, though.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Feels luxurious

  • +

    Aesthetically pleasing

  • +

    Comforting weight

  • +

    Ideal for sofa snuggling

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Too warm for hot weather

  • -

    Not the easiest to clean

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Writing an Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review comes with pressure. 7kg of pressure to be exact. Finding the best weighted blanket to give you the perfect deep pressure stimulation experience isn't easy. Especially when there are so many different companies, each promising anxiety-free sleep with their unique combinations of nano-beads, sand, and breathable cotton.

Weighted blankets are now exceptionally big business. This is why brands like Simba and now Eve have created their own versions for a relaxing night's sleep. The Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket is a little different from the majority of the competition. Where other companies use sand or glass nano-beads to add weight, Eve has just gone for a 100% cotton woven option. This means rather than a duvet and quilt cover, the Eve is like a much more traditional knitted blanket, albeit one that's much more difficult to carry to the sofa.

Get cosy and let's break down the pros and cons in this Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review. Or, to see how this offering compares to alternatives from other major sleep brands, head to our Eve Weighted Blanket vs Emma Hug vs Simba Orbit face-off.

Note: As of October 2022, Eve Sleep has gone into administration, so mattresses and other sleep products from Eve will no longer be available in the near future. However, third party retailers like Amazon may still have Eve mattresses for sale, so it's best to look there for any Eve mattress deals.

Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review: design

While the Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket only comes in one weight, it measures up at 120cm by 220cm which is significantly bigger than the Simba and many of the other offerings on the market. What this does mean though is that the weight is distributed over all of its surface area so doesn't quite deliver the same level of pressure than a smaller blanket can if you have it fully spread out. 

Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review

(Image credit: Eve)

But it's the knitted aspect of the Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket that really changes the overall experience. The 100% cotton comes in a beautiful cream colour and looks every inch the premium bed cover. It's soft and luxurious to the touch and, unlike many of its competitors, can easily become an aesthetically pleasing part of your bedding that doesn't need to be hidden under the quilt or in a drawer. 

What this more literal blanket-like approach also means is that it's not quite as easy to clean as its competitors. It is machine washable if you have a big enough drum but Eve's website also says you can “leave it to the laundering professionals.” This means that if you don't want to constantly be worrying about washing and waiting for it to dry, you might want to put a sheet or light duvet between you and the blanket so it doesn't need to be washed as regularly. 

Eve Weighted Blanket review: comfort

Now though, for the important bit. How cosy is the Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket? Thanks to its soft cotton, the answer is that it's exceptionally snuggly, providing a warm reassuring hug. If you don't feel like it's quite heavy enough when fully spread out on your bed, you can always fold it over for more weight which is a nice option to have. 

While it's satisfying enough on top of your duvet for an anxiety-free sleep, the sofa is an equally valid option for this weighted blanket. Not only does it look lovely as a throw but pull this around yourself while you're watching movies and you definitely won't want to share, even if there is plenty of blanket to go around. It's also worth warning that it's so cosy you might end up accidentally drifting off. What the knitted element means though is that this definitely isn't a weighted blanket for especially hot nights. If you're using it in bed, it still might be too warm even under a sheet and using a duvet as well on summer nights is a total no-no. 

Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket review

(Image credit: Eve)

Eve Weighted Blanket review: price & alternatives

The Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket is firmly at the high end of the price scale. The RRP is sitting at £199, meaning you might want to wait for a special offer to come along before investing (Eve discount codes and deals are fairly regular, and although most of them do focus on the mattresses, you might get lucky with an offer to knock the price of this blanket down). 

This is more expensive than the T3 Platinum Award winning Simba Orbit Weighted Blanket which RRPs at £169, uses nano-beads, and has an easily washable cover. The Eve's natural cotton knitted option also means that the blanket only comes in one weight of 7kg unlike a number of competitors that have a choice. 

Eve Weighted Blanket review: verdict 

The Eve Sleep Weighted Blanket might not have the same appeal as an alternative with an easily washable cover but this feels like a luxuriously cosy blanket to have on the back of your sofa for superior evening snuggling. Adding a sheet or light duvet into the mix for bedtimes absolutely doesn't detract from the cosiness on offer and this is a stylish addition to any bedroom.  

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