You've got two days left to grab some of the best games on PS5 for free

The PlayStation Plus Collection goes offline on 9 May, so you'll need to hurry if you want to play these blockbusters

Ratchet and Clank
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One of the nice things about buying a PS5 is that if you have a PlayStation Plus account, you can get all the games in the PlayStation Plus Collection for free. But Sony's pulling the plug on Tuesday 9 May, so you'd better move quickly if you want any of them.

You don't need to play them before Tuesday – Sony isn't removing the games, just the promotion around them – so if you add the games to your library you'll be able to play them all for the foreseeable future. And you should, because there are some really great games here. 

What are the best games in the PlayStation Plus Collection?

That really depends on the kinds of games you like. Me, I really loved Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart (a real showcase for what the PS5 can do), Batman: Arkham Night, Infamous Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered; you might prefer Uncharted 4, Until Dawn or Days Gone; God of War, Mortal Kombat X or The Last Guardian.

Not all of the games in this collection are going to disappear from PlayStation Plus, however. That's because they're also in the paid tiers of the main PS Plus catalogue, so for example Bloodborne and Resident Evil 7 are still going to be available to paying punters. But if there's a game in the PS Plus Collection you've been hankering to play, it's worth double-checking the catalogue to make sure it's there before the 9th May deadline hits.

I really liked the PlayStation Plus Collection, but I'm still fairly unimpressed with the rest of the service: the monthly games tend to be thin gruel (this month's trio are GRID Legends, Chivalry II and Descenders) and I still find myself swearing at the performance of the cloud-only titles. For me, the PS Plus Collection was my main reason for subscribing; now it's gone I'm not sure I'm going to renew.

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