Your older Samsung Galaxy Watch just got an unexpected free upgrade

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and 6 owners aren't being left behind

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Samsung has expanded the availability for its One UI Watch 6 to Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 devices.

It's available through the Samsung members app now, with the main build expected to follow after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 next week.

Even though Samsung is set to announce new Galaxy Watch models next week, it hasn't forgotten older devices. In fact, it's looked further back than the current edition, even, with a treat for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5.

Both have received a free upgrade to the One UI Watch 6 beta, which adds a few new features and tweaks.

It's available to Samsung members now and gives you a taste of some of the new capabilities coming with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 when it launches during the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked in Paris on 10 July.

The beta is already available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 too, and brings with it several changes to health tracking (as per 9to5Google). There is also Galaxy AI integration inbound, especially when it comes to sleep monitoring – it should help build a clearer understanding of your nighttime patterns for sleep insights.

Another new addition is recognition for a pinch gesture. This enables users to select items on the screen using a simple pinch.

If you want to try out the One UI Watch 6 beta for yourself, just open the Samsung members app and find the card for the latest build. Tap it, join for your model, and you should find the update is pushed to the Galaxy Wearable app and, subsequently, your watch.

Of course, you might just want to wait a little while longer. The full build shouldn't be long to arrive. 9to5Google suggests the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 (and, we'd expect, the much-rumoured Galaxy Watch Ultra) will have the full One UI 6 Watch build installed from the box.

They will each be announced next Wednesday during Unpacked and we wouldn't be surprised to learn that they'll be available to purchase soon after.

The main system software will then roll out to other devices.

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