You only need this 25 minute chair workout to build full-body strength

Full-body workouts are brilliant for beginners and target all muscle groups

Woman doing tricep dips on a chair
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If you’re looking to start your strength training journey, but aren’t too sure where to begin, then a full-body workout is a brilliant starting point. This particular one doesn’t require any home gym equipment either, not even a pair of dumbbells. Instead, you'll be doing bodyweight exercises to develop muscle and build your strength. All you need is a chair, a good pair of workout shoes and something soft beneath you.  

According to Centr, the fitness app founded by Chris Hemsworth: "Full-body workouts are a fantastic option for beginners because they create a base strength in all areas of the body and teach correct technique and movement patterns". It also ensures you're not leaving out any muscle groups, plus, if you don't have lots of free time for a split workout pattern (such as training upper body one day and lower body another), full-body is definitely the way to go.

As we mentioned earlier, all you need for this workout is a chair or, alternatively, you could also use the edge of your sofa. There's eight different exercises to complete and you'll do each exercise for 10 reps (on both sides where applicable). You'll complete three rounds of this workout in total. Take a 45 to 60 second rest in between each exercise and a 90 second to two minute rest once you've completed an entire round of the workout. Here's what you're doing:

  • Bulgarian split squats 
  • Elevated push-ups 
  • Copenhagen plank
  • Elevated knee drive
  • Step-ups 
  • Tricep dips 
  • Elevated single-leg bridges 
  • Elevated feet crunches

When you eventually start finding this workout too easy, it means it's time to add more resistance so that your muscles can work harder. To do this, you can incorporate a pair of dumbbells into the workout (for example, when you do the leg bridges, step-ups and split squats) or any type of weight for that matter, from a single kettlebell to a weight plate. If you're in need of more full-body workouts though, here at T3 we've got plenty. From this six-move full-body workout to this 15-minute bodyweight workout.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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