Increase full-body strength and burn calories with this 15 minute bodyweight workout

It'll build strength and improve your aerobic capacity

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According to the NHS, we should all be aiming for 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week to keep us fit, healthy and reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stroke. However, if you’re struggling to find the time to workout amongst the madness of everyday life, then it’s time to give this workout a try. Not only will it take you around just 15 minutes to complete, but it doesn’t require any gym equipment either; that’s right, not even a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands. Just lace up your best workout shoes and have your timer at the ready.

Bodyweight workouts can often get sniggered at for their effectiveness, but research has shown they really shouldn’t. According to Nike a feature article in the American College of Sports Medicine's journal actually found that doing bodyweight-only workouts at a high-intensity can improve your aerobic fitness levels, muscle endurance and reduce body fat. They're also a great starting point to increase your overall strength and if you're someone who doesn't work out regularly, you've got less chance of getting injured.

For this workout you’ve got nine different bodyweight exercises that you’re going to smash through. Make sure you have an exercise mat or something comfortable beneath you, as some are floor-based. You’re going to do each exercise for 30 seconds, with a 10 to 15 second rest between each one. Once you’ve completed one round of all the exercises, take a 90 second break, then repeat the workout again. You’re aiming for three rounds in total. Here’s your exercises:

  • Double pulse sumo squat
  • Lateral lunge
  • Reverse plank walkout
  • Negative push-p
  • X plank
  • Plank jack and shoulder tap
  • Single arm superman
  • Hover leg extension
  • Side plank

This workout will definitely leave you feeling fitter and a lot more energised. If you're looking for more bodyweight workouts, we've got plenty! Like this 10 minute bodyweight workout - ideal when you're really pushed for time - or this three-move, 15 minute bodyweight workout. We'll be honest, it's a tough one, but it will leave your feeling incredibly strong and improve your aerobic capacity.

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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