Xiaomi removed from US blacklist – Mi phones and TVs all round

Removing Xiaomi from the blacklist is good news for Xiaomi across the globe

Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

The US government has reached a deal with Xiaomi that will see them removed from a blacklist put in place in Trump’s final days. Xiaomi was believed to have close links to the Chinese Communist Party however it sued over the original decision, which would have delisted the company on US exchanges by November 2021 and made any US investment restrictive.

While this would directly affect the US, the implications on the company across the world were huge. According to The Verge, the reason for the original blacklist was more related to Xiaomi’s telecommunications equipment rather than its reasonably priced phones and TVs but had the decision held, it would have affected all elements of Xiaomi’s business.

Xiaomi has recently announced some impressive new smartphones, including the flagship Mi Ultra 11 with its large camera sensors that give Samsung and OnePlus some serious competition. It also has the Redmi and Pocophone ranges, which offer some more general consumer options.

The Xiaomi consumer range is much wider than just phones, however. It also produces a wide range of electronic goods for the smart home, including TVs, smart fans, electric scooters, smart watches, earphones, air purifiers and much more.  

While not all of its products are currently available outside of China, most of these are competitively priced and impressive to use. I can even confirm that its commuter backpack is one of the best I’ve owned for a long time.

With Xiaomi off the blacklist, I hope we get to see much more of its smart home products in the US, but especially those Mi smartphones.

Mat Gallagher

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