Xiaomi launches smart rice cooker with 8-in-1 functionality

The Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker appeared on Xiaomi's website yesterday

Xiaomi smart rice cooker
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

As predicted in our kitchenware trends coming in hot for 2024, it's already clear that all-in-one multipurpose kitchen appliances are becoming increasingly popular. They're a great choice for many, especially due to being cost effective and perfect at saving precious counter space. A lot of brands have already jumped on the all-in-one bandwagon, including ProCook with its new Air Fryer Health Grill and Ninja with its rather swanky Woodfire Electric Outdoor Oven

However, there's one brand that we weren't expecting to do the same, and that's Xiaomi. As of yesterday, the Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker appeared on the brand’s global website, suggesting it will soon become available worldwide. The information provided about the new rice cooker is limited, but we do that know it has 8-in-1 functionality and app control. 

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Xiaomi smart rice cooker

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker can be easily connected to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app to be controlled remotely, allowing users to select their desired cooking time and rice texture. Alternatively, theres a button on the top of the cooker which can also adjust the settings, with an integrated display showing the remaining cooking time.

Xiaomi also haven't gone into too much detail about the 8-in-1 functionality, but from the images we can see the cooker offers the following modes: rice, brown rice, congee, soup, steam, re-heat and keep warm. 

Xiaomi smart rice cooker

(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Its 3L capacity allows users to make up to 10 bowls of rice at once, serving up to six people. The cooker can also be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance, with the option to keep rice warm for up to 12 hours.

A high-power element ensures the rice cooks evenly, and built-in temperature sensors ensures it does not burn. The cooker's non-stick interior also makes for easy cleaning, so it stays looking as good as new without any burnt congee or rice sticking to the bottom. It comes with a steamer basket, ladle, rice paddle and measuring cup, and the inner lid and steam valve are detachable. 

As mentioned, we're not entirely sure when the Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker will launch and how much it will cost, but we'll be sure to update this page when the information is available. 

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