Xbox Series X Pro could arrive as soon as this summer

All-digital, tweaked Xbox Series X tipped to launch in June or July

Xbox Series X Brooklyn
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A report by a trusted leaker claims that a new, all-digital Xbox Series X will be released in June or July.

The new machine will have improved heat dissipation and network capabilities, and maybe come in white.

While we await to hear whether Sony will launch a PlayStation 5 Pro later this year, it seems that Microsoft could pip its rival to the post.

It is heavily tipped to be launching a new Xbox Series X model as soon as this coming summer.

Exputer claims to have heard from its sources that an Xbox Series X with no disc drive could be released in June or July. It is also said to be white rather than the traditional black – to look more like the Xbox Series S.

There's no word yet on pricing, while the only mention of feature changes (beyond the removal of the disc drive) concerns an improved internal heatsink and "upgraded Nexus card" for network connectivity.

However, it could be that this is the Xbox "Brooklin" console that was discovered in court documents last year, which would make the new machine a bit more interesting than a disc-less Series X.

That proposed console comes with a circular design, a much beefier 2TB of SSD storage, and a USB-C port on the front for "power delivery".

Its wireless connectivity also gets a step up – to Wi-Fi 6E, which means you should get as good an internet connection as you would if you used Ethernet. The documents also revealed better Bluetooth, with a jump up to Bluetooth 5.2 for lower latency.

A new controller was also leaked at the same time, with new haptic feedback capabilities that rival the PS5's DualSense. However, there's no mention of that in Exputer's report.

What we don't yet know is whether the new console will gain a performance boost, to truly make it an Xbox Series X Pro, or whether it'll just be an all-digital refinement of the existing model. But, with an alleged PS5 Pro and new Nintendo Switch 2 console both looming large, we wouldn't be surprised to learn that there's more to this new mid-generation Xbox than initially thought.

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