This is the all-new "pro" Xbox Series X – 2TB, round and disc-free

FTC court case documents reveal Microsoft's plans for a new Xbox Series X codenamed "Brooklyn"

Xbox Series X Brooklyn
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We might all be bored of Microsoft's ill-fated buyout of Activision by now, but it continues to yield some excellent, exciting nuggets of information.

The latest is that the company intends to introduce its next Xbox – a Gen 10 console – in 2028. And not only that, a redacted pdf that was discovered among released court filings has gleaned images of a stop-gap, mid-generation refresh to the existing Xbox Series X.

An all-new Xbox console is some way away, to be honest, and we'd heard the 2028 date before. During its court case with the FTC in the US, Microsoft said that it expected the next-gen battle to begin that year, with PlayStation also likely to launch a replacement to the PS5.

However, it is the second revelation that is perhaps the most surprising. And potentially embarrassing for Microsoft.

According to the document, which cites parts of Phil Spencer's in-court testimony, a new Xbox Series X codenamed "Brooklyn" will be announced 2024. It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the transcript, as it has been heavily redacted, but when downloaded it allegedly contains attachments that can be viewed.

These not only reveal the new console, but an a refreshed Xbox controller, codenamed Sebile, which includes new "gyro support". There are also slides with details and a release roadmap.

If you can't find the attachments yourself, LightKiosk posted them on Resetera with instructions. They have also been corroborated by Xbox expert Tom Warren from The Verge.

According to the additional slides, the new Xbox Series X will be available with a new 2TB option. That's likely because it will be digital only, like the Xbox Series S – there is no disc drive on the new, circular design.

There is also a new USB-C power port on the front to drive accessories.

The new controller looks familiar but will support "direct to cloud" connectivity, presumably to allow users to play games over Xbox Cloud Gaming without needing to connect it to a device first. This was one of the best features of the ill-fated cloud rival Stadia, as it reduced latency.

The controller will also gain Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, it is said.

There will be "precision haptic feedback", which might be in response to Sony's DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5. And, the slide also states that the "VCA haptics double as speakers".

The roadmap also suggests that a new Xbox Series S model could be on its way, with Wi-Fi 6E support and the new controller.

It also states that the new controller will be available from late 2024, with the two new consoles following in 2025. There's a suggestion that they'll be unveiled in June next year though, during Microsoft's traditional summer showcase.

We have a long time to wait to find out for sure, but suspect we might hear a lot more beforehand.

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