PS5 Pro could still be on the way – and it might have a huge spec boost

New leaked specs suggest the PS5 Pro could be the gaming monster we've been waiting for

Sony PlayStation 5 close-up of console and DualSense controller
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When it comes to console gaming, there are really only two top dogs – the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Most users are firmly in one camp or the other, with brand affiliations spanning back decades.

Today, it's the PlayStation which is making headlines, though. That's because a new leak has emerged about the long-rumoured PS5 Pro – and it looks set to be a powerhouse.

The details come from the gaming YouTube channel, RedGamingTech. They posted a video showcasing some exclusive information about the specs of the new device. That includes a Zen 2 CPU with eight cores and clock speeds in excess of 4GHz, 16GB of RAM which runs at a 587GB/s bandwidth, and a RDNA 3 GPU.

If that looks like hieroglyphics to you, then don't fret. All you really need to know is that the leaked specs offer a significant step up over the base model PS5. In fact, it has been called twice as powerful before now – and that seems to track with the current specs.

What's more, the new level of detail in the specs could be an indication that the console is closer to launch than we had previously expected. While a lot of other rumours were more broadly speculative, this goes into a significant amount of detail. That could point to a launch in the not too distant future.

Elsewhere, we learn a little more about the APU in the device. That is said to be among a list of parts made specifically for Sony and this device. Others include a pair of chips used to offer 3D audio on the device.

The APU is said to use either a 5nm or a 6nm manufacturing process. That runs contrary to past reports, which had suggested a more efficient architecture might be utilised.

Of course, there's no word yet on when the device will be released. It's all still rumour at the moment. Still, it seems plausible that it could be announced soon. Sony have traditionally had a lot of sales around the holiday period, too, so if they're looking to capitalise this year, I'd expect to hear something very soon.

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