Wish your watch roared like an Italian car? Your prayers have been answered

The Breil x Abarth 500e watch hides a secret on its clasp

The Breil x Abarth 500e watch up close
(Image credit: Abarth)
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Abarth have collaborated with watch brand Breil to commemorate their Abarth 500e.

The two have partnered for ten years, and this limited edition piece is the latest in the range.

When it comes to hot hatch EVs with personality, few can boast like the Abarth 500e. Taking the Fiat 500e as a base and giving it track credentials it never asked for results in a car which is seriously fun to drive.

But sometimes, just owning a cool car isn't enough. In that case, adding a matching branded watch can elevate your style even further. 

That's exactly what owners of the Abarth 500e can do with this collaborative Breil watch. The two companies have been working together for ten years, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than with a commemorative piece for Abarth's first electric car.

Limited to just 999 pieces, the watch packs in a Seiko NH70 movement. That's a skeletonised version of the revered Seiko NH35 movement, which should offer a great deal of reliability.

Of course, that skeletisation is only worthwhile if you can see it. Fortunately, you can! The dial here is made to look like the alloy rims of the Abarth car, with the iconic Scorpion at the 3 o'clock position.

The watch features accents in the same Acid Green hue of the 500e. Those can be found in the rehaut, on the minute track and on the second hand. It's also used to highlight the Abarth name on the dial, and the scorpion logo.

But hey, simply being able to tell the time – even with a skeletonised watch based on a car – is still a bit boring. Fear not, though, as this one is hiding a secret on its clasp.

There, you'll find a QR code etched into the bracelet itself. Scan that, and you'll have access to the sound generator built into the car. That's the recreation of an engine sound found on the Abarth, and users will now have the chance to hear it whenever they like.

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