Will there be a Samsung Galaxy S23 arriving in 2023?

Samsung's flagship Galaxy is expected to return in 2023, but how it'll compare to the S22 is all speculation for now...

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Pictured: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
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One of the hottest Android phone launches each year is Samsung's Galaxy flagship series. Soon after the S22 series launched in 2022, people already started to ask: "will there be a Samsung Galaxy S23 released in 2023?". 

The belief is yes, as is fitting with the Korean brand's annual release cycle. That means we would anticipate seeing the Galaxy S23 series announced in early February 2023 for release within the same month, with some regions getting the devices in the month following.

That said: nothing is set in stone yet and, of course, it's entirely assumption that Samsung will even continue with its current numbering convention (i.e. year of release equals product name). Given how iconic that system has been since 2020's Galaxy S20 and beyond, however, we can't see it changing anytime soon. 

Galaxy S23: What do we know?

As the S23 is a long way off from its expected launch cycle, there's limited information out there about what this series will be all about. We anticipate it arriving as Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra models, though – an echo of the current S22 line-up – most likely with the same S Pen stylus coming in the Ultra model only. 

Otherwise we have more questions than answers at this moment in time: will the S23 and S23 Plus ditch the flat screen for a curved one?; will the S23 Ultra change the S Pen design?; will the S23 series cost even more cash than the current range?; will the S23 series see a big cameras overhaul?

It's the last of those above questions that currently has the most rumours surrounding it at present: there's talk of the S23 featuring a 200-megapixel camera, upping the ante when it comes to resolution and capability. Hopefully that'll mean even more deft digital zoom to complement the optical zoom lenses too. 

Otherwise the rumour mill is fairly light currently: as we say in our Galaxy S23 news and rumours feature, aside from the camera, the only other reliable commentator has stated that codename Project Diamond (i.e. the supposed S23 series) won't feature a different design from the current generation of S22 devices. 

So don't hold your breath: while we do anticipate Samsung will reveal its Galaxy S23 trio of devices around February 2023, we don't think they're going to look or act very differently from the current roster of its Galaxy flagships. Still, that's no bad thing, especially when those are among the best Android phones money can buy.

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