Less than 24 hours until Amazon's Black Friday sales start, here's what to expect

Amazon is set to run a 7-day Black Friday event with thousands of deals

Amazon delivery
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The Black Friday sales are fully up and running with many retailers already offering big bargains across many thousands of products. However, there is one big brand still absence at present, with Amazon not set to launch its main Black Friday event until tomorrow, Friday 17 November.

Of course, Amazon being Amazon, it does have some deals available already – not least on its own devices and TVs. But we're expecting so much more come Friday.

Here are our expectations.

How will Amazon's Black Friday sale work?

Unlike Prime Day and this year's Prime Big Deal Days, Amazon's Black Friday bargains will not be exclusive to Prime members. It will, instead, offer just about everything to all-comers.

That's not to say you shouldn't consider Prime membership if you don't already subscribe. For starters, you'll get same- and next-day delivery on thousands of the deals, plus you can reap the benefit of early Lightning Deals.

Also, as you get a 30-day trial period for free, there's no real reason not to sign up for Prime. You can, after all, cancel after Black Friday is done and not have to pay a penny.

Other than that, you just need to bookmark the official Amazon Black Friday page in your region (as below):

You can also follow our own Amazon deals pages in the UK and US here:

What deals can I expect?

There will be so many deals available that we don't know where to start.

Amazon has already heavily discounted its own devices, including the 55-inch Amazon Fire TV 4-Series.

However, there will be big bargains to be had on beauty products, booze, smart home tech, kitchen appliances, video games, and clothing. In fact, if Amazon sells it, there will be deals to be had in that category.

There will also be "Wow! Deals", which is a section of the site that will feature the biggest discounts on the largest brands.

The dedicated area will also host some special offers, such as invite only deals like the 55-inch Amazon Fire TV 4K HDR set for just £149, so we advise also checking that page often too.

Any other tips?

Perhaps our biggest tip is that you should remember that the Amazon Black Friday sale will last an entire week, with Cyber Monday following immediately after. So, don't rush into a purchase unless you're sure it'll sell out.

That way you can evaluate your purchase decisions and maybe make your money go further.

Oh, and check back on T3 often as we'll be bringing you the best deals as we find them.

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