WhatsApp rolls out 3 free new upgrades – what you need to know

WhatsApp just keeps on improving

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WhatsApp is introducing more new features to its messaging service – and you need to know about them. It follows an extraordinarily busy period for the app, it looks to continually add new, including three recent updates that significantly boosted the user experience on WhatsApp. 

By now you've probably also heard of WhatsApp's plans to let users have greater control over how they handle in-app voice messages. Below, we've compiled three new WhatsApp features that have got us talking at T3. Here's what they are:

1. Multi-device beta feature

Multi-Device support

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The platform has recently added its multi-device beta feature on its web platform for all users. With this, the user can now access WhatsApp Web independently even when your main app on the phone isn't connected to the internet, amongst a bunch of other new tricks.

Multi-device support has been rolled out to all users on iOS and Android, meaning you can send messages and receive them using the WhatsApp desktop app or web-based service, while the best iPhone and best Android phones no longer need to stay online to do so.

2. Desktop photo editor

WhatsApp desktop photo editor

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WhatsApp has taken to its official Twitter page to showcase another feature that is a desktop photo editor. The company says that you can now add stickers and text to images, crop, and rotate photos from your desktop. Other than the WhatsApp desktop app, the photo editor is also available on WhatsApp web.

Closely related to the above image editing features is the new sticker suggestions tool. Sticker suggestions work in alignment with the text you type in a conversation window, opening up to show accompanying stickers that match the text you're writing – much like emojis but better. If you type 'Haha,' WhatsApp will display stickers that correspond to the emotion and so on, so forth. You get the picture. 

WhatsApp Link Preview

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Last but not least, we have another new feature from WhatsApp called link previews. As per the name, this trick gives users a quick preview of a link before tapping on it, while keeping things in-app. We're all in those threads where Friends and family share links to news, videos, and other content. This feature should let you get a taste of what the link is without having to actually leave the app.

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