Walmart Deal: This sensational ice maker deal is perfect for the summer

No frills just chill with this perfect summer appliance offer

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Thanks to Amazon Prime Day we have been showered with deals lately, one better than the other. Walmart has been particularly busy doing what they do best: to undercut Amazon and their seriously low prices.

Just in time for the summer season, this Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the perfect tool for any BBQ party. Amaze your guest with this table top ice maker. It can generate soft, fluffy ice within 20 minutes and can generate up to 24 pounds of ice in 24 hours. It can also hold 3 pounds of ice at any time. Thanks to the built-in sensor it won't overfill.

The Opal Nugget is a smart ice maker with Bluetooth connectivity. Schedule your ice making using the FirstBuild app. just set the time you want to have your ice to be ready and leave the rest to the Opal Nugget.

It's a manual fill machine meaning you can easily take it anywhere where it's needed. No need to hook it up with the water system, just pop it up on a countertop and turn it on. Easy as pie!

The soft ice the Opal Nugget produces is great for cocktails and frozen smoothies alike. Get it for almost $200 off, until stocks last!

Opal Nugget Ice Maker, 24lb. Capacity  | Now $341.99 | Was $524.99 | Save $183

Opal Nugget Ice Maker, 24lb. Capacity  | Now $341.99 | Was $524.99 | Save $183
The perfect appliance for any summer BBQ party. Produces up to 24 pounds of ice a day and can hold 3 pounds at any time. Schedule your ice making with the FirstBuild app and have the ice ready when you need it. 33% off for a limited time only!

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