Virgin Mobile drops trio of SIM only deals that offer fantastic value for money

These SIM only deals from Virgin Mobile are cheap and stuffed with value

SIM only deals Virgin Mobile
(Image credit: Virgin)

Cheap SIM only deals are hard to come by, so when we saw that Virgin Mobile had attacked the competition with a trio of fresh offers that deliver quality data, calls and texts packages for bargain price points, we really did sit up and pay attention.

How cheap? The SIM only deals on offer start at just £6 per month, which works out at only 20 pence per day. 20 pence per day to be covered in terms of mobile phone use? Now that is one heck of a SIMO offer!

Each SIM only deal also comes with Virgin Mobile's Data Rollover feature, meaning that any unused data you get to keep and move over into the next month's allowance, as well as data-free messaging on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Use these services and your data allowance remains untouched.

The full details of the Virgin Mobile SIM only deals can be viewed below:

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Virgin Mobile SIM only | 12 months | 3GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £6 per month (opens in new tab)
This outrageously cheap SIM only deal bags you unlimited calls and texts, as well as 3GB of data, for just £6 per month. That is simply incredible value, working out at only 20 pence per day. Yes, 3GB of data isn't huge, but if you don't need much and spend most of your time in Wi-Fi zones at home or at the office, then this is a wallet-friendly super saver.

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Virgin Mobile SIM only | 12 months | 8GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £8 per month (opens in new tab)
If you like the sound of the deal above but think you could do with slightly more data, then by dropping an extra £2 each month you can bump up your data allowance to 8GB. The same unlimited minutes and calls are included, naturally. We feel this is a just right SIM only deal that will be ideal for many people.

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Virgin Mobile SIM only | 12 months | 36GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £13 per month (opens in new tab)
Take the monthly spend up to £13 a month, which is still incredibly cheap, and you can land a large 36GB of data to burn, as well as unlimited minutes and texts. We're still talking here only about 50 pence per day, which highlights just how cheap these Virgin Mobile SIM only deals truly are.

If you like the idea of a cheap SIM only deal but would prefer to be with a different network, then be sure to check out the pricing comparison chart below. This pulls in the cheapest and best SIM only deals from all of the UK's top suppliers, and as you can filter the deals in a myriad of ways, it makes it super simple to find the perfect SIM only deal for you.

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