PS5 video: Heart-stopping PlayStation 5 console is simply stunning

This PS5 console design is the most beautiful depiction of the PlayStation 5 we've seen yet

PS5 PlayStation 5 console video
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The Sony PlayStation 5 is going to be a pixel-pushing powerhouse when it hits store shelves this winter holiday season, with the new console delivering a potent mix of next-gen hardware and epic new PS5 games to play. In terms of taking the fight to the already unveiled Xbox Series X, the PS5 is wading into battle with a stacked armoury.

Now, though, in this brand new PS5 video, we've just got our best look yet at just how beautiful the PlayStation 5 could be. Watch the video below to see the system in full:

The PS5 concept design here comes courtesy of VR4Player, which has posted a number of articles with included design videos reporting on the latest PlayStation 5 leaks and rumours. Each design has been interesting, but this latest one is the most beautiful yet. Chapeau VR4Player, chapeau!

The PS5 video, which opens with a voice over from Sony's Lead System Architect Mark Cerny (taken from the recent official "The Road to PS5" deep dive) then proceeds to show a wedge-shaped PlayStation 5 console that comes in white, black, red and (interestingly) metal colourways.

There are some lovely details in the design, too. As part of the console's two-tone aesthetic, there are strips of square, triangle, circle and cross PlayStation button patterns running over the machine, while the notable V-shape that was evident on the PS5 dev kit is also retained when the system is viewed top down.

What is particularly cool in terms of design features is that the PlayStation 5 also has a removal top plate, which underneath hides a turbine style cooling system (we think every gamer can get behind Sony kicking things up a notch in terms of cooling efficiency and noise) .

In terms of ports, the PS5 here is shown to come with a brace of HDMI ports, a digital optical port, as well as a network connector and selection of USB ports, too. These are joined at the rear of the console by a dedicated SSD bay, which allows upgrading of the drive.

We also get a look at some games that could run on the console, as well as how the new DualSense controller would pair with it. Lastly, we see how a next-gen PS VR headset that is wireless could look and the sorts of experiences it could offer.

Overall, we think this is a really well made concept design for the PlayStation 5. We like the fact that the shape of the system remains faithful to the PS5 dev kit, but does so while looking much, much better. Slim, stylish and laden with advanced features — it is the sort of package we'd bite our own arm off to grab.

Hopefully we will, finally, get to see the real PlayStation 5 console design up close soon, as this latest PS5 video has just whetted our appetite for the next-gen console even more.

And, hopefully, the next PS5 event that Sony does will not be so misjudged as the aforementioned deep dive. While the Japanese maker should be applauded for being so candid about the intricacies of how certain parts of its console work, there is no doubting that the level of technical jargon left many gamers cold.

If Sony can follow up with a second event that focused more on the aesthetics, accessories (come on PS VR 2!) and games that will be the ideal scenario, as gamers will have got a look under the PlayStation 5 hood, as well as an introductory tour to its ecosystem.

After all, Microsoft is going great guns right now with its Xbox Series X marketing campaign, and later this week is set to show off a bunch of Xbox Series X games. That means by the end of the week gamers will have a full idea of what the next Xbox is going to deliver: hardware, design and games.

And while Sony is taking a sizeable lead into the next generation, it would be foolish to think PlayStation gamers will ignore such a potent, quality showing for much longer on faith alone. A show-stopping PS5 reveal would ensure faith is maintained.

After all, we're already starting to see glimpses of just how amazing PS5 games will look. Mere hours ago, for example, did images of the slated PlayStation 5 game Lord Of The Rings: Gollum break cover, which is being developed by Daedelic. This game isn't out until 2021, but when a PS5 title is set to hit store shelves won't matter to PlayStation gamers, they just want to see what all that next-gen hardware is capable of.

In the Xbox Series X First Look next-gen gameplay showing the much-wanted new Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be shown off for the first time. And, with the last installation in the series, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, praised for its gorgeous graphics on last gen consoles, we could be about to see a jaw-dropping new level of graphical fidelity. And we will see it first on Xbox Series X (even though it is a cross-platform title).

That will be a major boon to Microsoft and, unless countered quickly by Sony, could lead to even more mind-share to be acquired by the US console maker. If Xbox has the more powerful console and it is shown to be the first place to play next-gen games, Sony's PlayStation 5 could suffer in terms of reputation before it is even out. A strong showing from the Japanese maker soon would help quell these concerns though.

And, with AMD confirming that it is ramping up production of CPU software for the PS5, it seems like the console is still going to release as initially promised in time for the winter holiday season 2020. Both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are confirmed as using AMD's Zen 2-powered CPU, which will be partnered with a 7nm Navi GPU.

Indeed, early reports confirmed that AMD was building the Navi graphics tech with the PS5 specifically in mind, something that was then confirmed to be capable of delivering the hot new graphical effect every one is talking about, real time ray tracing.

The new PlayStation has also been confirmed by Mark Cerny himself to come with a brand new custom 3D audio unit and an SSD that allows games, both new and old, to launch far faster than on PS4. Indeed, when Cerny first introduced the PS5's SSD, he showed how the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man loaded 18.75 times faster than on PS4, which is a speed increase of 1,774%.

Pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 are not yet active (apart from at a few retailers), however multiple retailers worldwide are currently offering sign-ups for to be notified when they do, which we're guessing will happen as soon as the console is officially unveiled.

In terms of pricing, as reported by T3 last month Sony is currently still wrestling with the final price point for the PS5, with a multitude of factors, including the current worldwide economic slowdown, making it hard for the Japanese maker to nail down a final cost to present to gamers. Hopefully that price will be affordable and gamers can look forward to unwrapping PlayStation 5 consoles come Christmas morning.

And the one thing that will kickstart that road to success is Sony beginning to show gamers exactly why they should be excited for the PS5. Just look at how Microsoft is dominating the gaming news right now each and every week with a fresh Xbox Series X reveal.

Only yesterday, for example, did Microsoft once more promote its incoming First Looks by putting out a fresh trailer that reveals the boot screen for the Xbox Series X. It's a really small new detail but it looks class and works as part of building up of hype and excitement.

In addition, as just look at how Microsoft is talking to gamers on a candid, personal level through its blog, too. The most recent post, by none other than Xbox's Jerret West, revealed how from May 7 Microsoft is launching its Xbox 20/20 initiative, which will entail showcasing "what happens next in the world of Xbox". Every month until release Xbox is going to be talking directly to gamers, explaining why the Xbox Series X is good, what advanced features it has, and what games they can look forward to play. There's a clear roadmap in place.

And, while it is easy understand why Sony has been keeping its cards close to its chest, as the unequivocal winner of the last generation (selling more than twice the amount of PS4s and Microsoft sold Xbox Ones), Sony does now clearly need to act and demonstrate that even though it may not be ready to unveil the PS5 in full, it has PlayStation gamers in mind and wants to show them just why they should be saving in the piggy bank.

In other PS5 news, an exciting development has just broken regarding EA titles, with the publisher's CFO Blake Jorgensen confirming that the PS4 versions of EA games released in 2020 will be upgradeable to the PS5 version for free.

Speaking at an EA earnings call with investors, Jorgensen said that:

"Note that this year the phasing includes the effect of revenue recognition from the games we are launching for the current generation of consoles that can also be upgraded for free for the next generation."

Now, to be very clear hear, Jorgensen doesn't say which games will be upgradeable for free and for what time period, either. However, we think it fair to say that AAA games released in the back half of 2020 running through 2021 are probably eligible for this.

Many developers of new games will absolutely be considering the next-generation as they will want to maximise the sales from each property, so upgraded versions running on next-gen hardware just seems like a no-brainer really.

What is surprising is that these upgrades are being considered for free from EA, who don't have the best reputation with gamers. CD Projeckt have already confirmed that it is doing this for its much-wanted new game Cyberpunk 2077, but for a publisher of EA's scale to do that, for many games, would be unprecedented.

If the lion's share of its new titles are eligible though during the PS5's launch year, though, then that is a great boon to gamers and something EA should be applauded for.

Elsewhere, PlayStation fans can look forward to a new instalment of the loving-running Battlefield franchise, with a report by IGN confirming that 2021 will see the FPS land on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This new Battlefield game was first announced in 2019 and while EA hasn’t announced any firm details about the game, it has confirmed that it is "targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms."

DICE, the Swedish studio behind the Battlefield series, explained its decision to bring out the new game in the launch year of both the next-gen consoles, noting that right now “where the new console base is fairly small, [it] doesn't really give justice to the potential of the title, and so that's part of our driver in moving the title [to 2021].”

Here at T3 we are hoping that 2021 could also see Horizon Zero Dawn 2 launch, which is the PlayStation exclusive we are currently most excited for.

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