Video footage shows the PS5 Slim really is tiny

It's just a baby compared to the regular console

PlayStation 5 Slim
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

I love my PS5, but it's a big old boy. There's no doubt it's the biggest PlayStation to date (I mean it even came with a stand to spare your floor) but that's not going to be the case for long.

Sony recently announced the upcoming PS5 Slim, a more compact version of the console that also has more storage (1TB compared to 825GB). A specific release date isn't official yet but Sony promised it would arrive in November in the U.S and eventually become the only PS5 model on sale. One Tipster however has predicted when they believe it will launch.

In terms of the size of the console, we know it's definitely smaller, with Sony promising over 30% decreased volume as well as an 18% and 24% weight reduction across the digital and disk drive versions. Interestingly Sony has also confirmed the disk drive will be sold separately for £99/$79. 

But how do these size reductions actually look compared to the original PS5 console, is it a massive weight loss or just a small change? Well, it turns out small is the operative word as the PS5 Slim looks tiny. Check out this video from YouTuber rtql8d who used an AR projection of the unreleased console for comparison.

Admittedly he did use a disk drive PS5 console and a digital edition of the PS5 Slim, but it is detachable, and the difference is still stark. Sony announced the new console will measure approximately 358 × 96 × 216 mm but it really does look like a big difference from the original console. 

If space is limited, or you have a perfect nook crying out for a new console, then the PS5 Slim could be the one for you. If on the other hand, you already have an Xbox Serious X and to double up on consoles, this could be the ideal way to fit them in your house.

Aside from the svelte look, there's little to distinguish the new console from the old, the aforementioned storage bump is nice, but you could also just get one of the best PS5 SSDs. Similarly the ports on the front have changed from a USB-C and a USB-A to two USB-C ports. If you're happy with having a monster under the TV then there's no real need to switch. 

Andy Sansom
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