Ultion Nuki smart lock gets major security upgrade

Ultion adds fingerprint access to its Nuki smart lock

Ultion Nuki smart lock upgrades, Ultion Wireless Fingerprint Keypad
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British security specialist and manufacturer of the best smart locks, Ultion has just given its Nuki smart lock a major security upgrade. To improve the security on its popular Ultion Nuki smart lock, Ultion has added biometric entry so people can safely and securely access their property using their fingerprint.

Installing a smart lock to your front or back door is a worthwhile investment, especially considering that locks fitted to millions of UK homes could be breached in just nine seconds, according to Ultion. Not only do smart locks deliver premium security to your home, but you don’t need to use your keys to open or close the doors and you can change the locks virtually any time you need to.

With security and ease of access for homeowners in mind, Ultion has launched its new Wireless Fingerprint Keypad which offers secure biometric access to your home. A device that works alongside the Ultion Nuki, the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad compiles all the ways you can open and close your doors into one handy device, including voice, app, entry code, smartwatch, key fob and traditional door key options.

The Wireless Fingerprint Keypad has a sleek and simple design that can be used in many ways and by many different people. Its fingerprint recognition, which is located at the bottom of the keypad, can store up to 20 fingerprints, ideal for shared households, families or small businesses.

Ultion Wireless Fingerprint Keypad

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For those who are technologically challenged, the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad might look a bit intimidating but it’s extremely easy to set-up. The keypad uses Bluetooth to connect to the Ultion Nuki, so there’s no wiring required, although you will need to affix it to an outside wall or door frame. With its compact style, you can place it anywhere within a 10-metre range of the lock if you want to keep it hidden.

While the fingerprint access is arguably the most impressive feature of the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad, it can also store 100 different entry code combinations, so all members of your family can enter their own unique code to come into your home. With the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad, you can also customise how and when it can be used. For example, you can set up specific dates and time parameters for the biometric entry so you don’t have to worry about unexpected visitors letting themselves in!

This new update to the Ultion Nuki means it “now offers more options to secure and open your door than any rival,” as stated by Nick Dutton, CEO of Ultion’s parent company, Brisant-Secure. The addition of the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad means you still get all the features of the Ultion Nuki but with extra security and personalisation.

Ultion Wireless Fingerprint Keypad

(Image credit: Ultion)

The Wireless Fingerprint Keypad can be purchased as part of a bundle with the Ultion Nuki or the Ultion Nuki PLUS. You can choose to purchase it with just the Ultion Nuki on its own for £390 or with the Nuki and Key Fob accessory for £425. If you’d prefer the PLUS, you can buy the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad with the PLUS for £509 or with the PLUS and Key Fob accessory for £545.

Alternatively, if you already have the Ultion Nuki, the Wireless Fingerprint Keypad is priced at £145, and available to buy at Ultion and Amazon. Ultion also offers £2,000 no quibble guarantee if your home is burgled by snapping the lock to gain entry.

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