Two dumbbells and this full-body workout to build strength and muscle

Get strong and fit in 30 minutes with these classic exercises

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Don’t have time to do an upper and lower body workout? Do this full-body one instead. It will only take you 30 minutes and it includes some classic exercises that will help build up your strength and lean muscle – all you’re going to need are a pair of dumbbells and to put on your best workout shoes for some extra stability. 

titleTwo dumbbells and these six full-body exercises to build strength and muscleeeds up your metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy weight," says Aroosha Nekonam, Certified Personal Trainer at Ultimate Performance.

For this workout you’ll be doing a starter exercise, followed by two supersets (where you do two exercises back-to-back) and a finisher. You’re going to aim for 10 to 12 reps of each exercise and do three rounds of each in total, so you’ll want to use a pair of medium dumbbells. If you only have really light ones, don’t worry, either slow down the movement or add some additional reps in. Ready? Here’s your workout.

  • Single leg power ups
  • Alternative exercise: single leg box step ups

Superset 1 

  • Bulgarian split squats
  • Staggered stance RDL

 Superset 2 

  • Single arm wide grip row
  • Single arm Arnold press with a hold


  • Seated knee tucks
  • Alternative exercise: toe taps

If your enjoyed this workout then we've got another superset full-body workout that will only take you around 20 minutes or, for something that's a little higher intensity, we've got a full-body HIIT workout that's under 20 minutes. Also, remember you can track your workout progress with our pick of the best fitness trackers.

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