TV deal of the day! Get a flagship Sony 4K TV for under £1,000

Save £400 with this Sony 55-inch 4K TV deal – it's the best picture you'll get for this price!

Sony 4K TV deal
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You'd think that after the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that there would be no TV deals left, but there's still coming. Case in point, a genuinely brilliant deal on one of our favourite 4K LED TVs of 2020. Currys has reduced the Sony Bravia XH9505 4K 55-inch TV from £1399 to £999. A seriously good reduction on a TV we gave the full five stars to.  

As you can read in our full Sony XH9505 review, this is an exceptionally good-looking television that was already a solid deal in its original price range. With brilliant visuals and HDR performance as well as powerful sound that means you don't immediately need to add on a costly soundbar, the XH9505 is a impressive full package. Add in Sony's excellent X1 processor on motion handling and upscaling duties and this is a perfect screen for mainlining all of those Christmas movies. 

And, if you're worrying about the crisp whiteness of festive snow and the glow of Rudolph's nose, the XH9505 has you covered when it comes to brilliant colour performance. As we said in our review:

"Colours consistently look balanced, subtle and well matched to the gently warm tone TV and especially film studios tend to prefer. The XH9505’s gentle picture warmth, crucially, avoids the yellow push that many rival LCD TVs introduce when you try to shift them from their typically quite ‘cool’ (blue-biased) tones. Sony’s approach to colour proves especially effective with skin tones, which look consistently more natural across a wide range of content than they do on any other LCD TV we’ve seen to date."

•  Sony KD-55XH9505 4K TV | Was £1399 | Now £999 | Save £400 at Currys

Then there's that sound quality. The XH9505 uses what's called a Multi-Audio system to avoid the pitfalls fallen into by so many televisions. As our review states, this "helps to create a prodigiously large soundstage that casts sound far to the left and right of the screen. It does this, moreover, without making even dense, complex mixes sound incoherent, or treble details sound brittle." Suddenly that price is just getting better and better... 

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Sadly though, if you've just picked up a new-gen console, the XH9505 doesn't have the much-coveted HDMI 2.1 features to make the most of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. There's no 4K gaming at 120fps here and no support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) or Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) so if that's your goal, we'd suggest checking out our best gaming TVs. But if you're looking for the best-looking and sounding 4K LED TV for movies available under four figures, this is an incredible deal. 

Sony XH9505 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1,399 | Now £999 | Save £400 at Currys

Sony XH9505 4K 55-inch TV | Was £1,399 | Now £999 | Save £400 at Currys
As we said in our Sony XH9505 review, this was already an aggressively competitive television at its original price point. We don't use the word "sensational" very often when it comes to picture performance and combining that with powerful and dynamic sound means that this is an irresistible package if you're looking to put a 55-inch box under the Christmas tree. 

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