Dwayne Johnson shares intense chest finisher for more muscle

Here's how you can do it at home

Dwayne Johnson
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Whether it’s his favourite bodyweight core exercise or the exercise he does to get a massive back, Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ is always giving us a look into how he gets his stacked physique. And we welcome them, after all, he does have one of the best physiques in show business.

This time the 51-year-old has given us a sneak peek of the finisher he does at the end of his hardcore chest workouts, which he describes as “a bitch, but very productive”. It’s a superset of 10 to 12 cable chest flys and slow, elevated push-ups till failure, for three to four rounds – yep, we agree with you Dwayne, a pretty disgusting combo, but one that’s guaranteed to leave you with a serious pump afterwards. If you don’t go to the gym, you can still do this superset at home. Read on to find out what you'll need.

If building muscle (hypertrophy) is your goal, then this finisher is ideal for adding onto the end of your push days. According to Grenade:"Because you ditch your usual rest between sets when you superset, the intensity of your workout is higher, causing greater muscle activation. This means increased muscle growth and strength."

For the elevated push-ups you can use a box or the step of your stairs. For these, Dwayne says “control your tempo - quality reps only”. Remember, you’re going to failure, so don’t worry if you can only do eight or 10 reps, the aim here is to have consistent, good form, so make sure you know how to do push-ups properly. For the chest flys you can do these at home using tube resistance bands,  which you can attach to your door. These come with handles so you can literally replicate the fly movement and are also brilliant for other exercises, including lat pull downs, tricep extensions, bicep curls and so many more (they allow you to have your own compact cable machine in your home).

With the chest flys, the Rock says "no need to go heavy here" — so if you're in the gym using a cable machine, opt for a light weight and if you're using bands, go for a light resistance. "Open up your chest, stretch, squeeze on that held contraction," he says.

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