True crime fans should love Will Forte's new Netflix series – streaming now

Bodkin tells a true crime fable in rural Ireland

(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix's latest TV series just started streaming, meaning you can watch it right now if it takes your fancy – and it seems like a really interesting mix of genres. The full boxset it available to binge, too, if you fancy it. 

Bodkin stars Will Forte, star of the much-loved series The Last Man on Earth, as an American true crime podcaster who visits the small town of Bodkin in Ireland in search of his next story. 

He and his assistant (Robyn Cara) are investigating the disappearance of three women some 21 years ago, and seemingly might be more interested in being able to craft a fun and engaging podcast series than they are in actually uncovering the truth.

They enlist a local journalist (Siobhán Cullen) to help them pull at threads, and it looks from the series' trailer (embedded above) like it doesn't take much for secrets to start tumbling out. Uh oh.

With folky creepiness dripping from some of the later glimpses in that trailer, and all sorts of threat emanating from seemingly kindly members of the local community, Bodkin will clearly go to some dark places.

However, it's also obviously laced throughout with comedy, with funny actors and line deliveries aplenty, which should make for a fairly unique blend of genres that not many competing shows can offer up. 

You can also clearly expect plenty of interesting takes on the true crime industry and how it interacts with victims, perpetrators and audiences. 

For true crime fans looking to branch out into semi or fully-fictionalised takes on the genre, then, it looks like Netflix is the best streaming service out there right now –between this and Baby Reindeer, you're spoilt for choice. 

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