Top 5 sexiest fragrance notes for Valentine's Day

Wondering what aftershave or perfume to wear on a date? We've got the answer…

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We all know that smell is one of the most powerful senses, it forms connections in our brain that can change our mood, evoke memories, and take us to different locations. It can even help us fall in love, with research showing that fragrance can make us feel like we've been hit by Cupid’s arrow. 

It's truly amazing, and that's why our guides to the best men’s fragrances and best women's perfumes are so popular.

Head of Brand Marketing for The Fragrance Shop, Athina Macpherson says “Scent can stimulate the part of the brain connected to emotions, taste and memories. It’s the strong emotional component of perfume that can trigger an attraction to someone and make us fall head over heels. Below are some of the sexiest and most romantic notes and fragrance recommendations that’ll blow your partners, or prospective partners, away...”

She has also put together a guide to the best fragrance notes for a date night, so, if you've got something special planned for Valentine's Day, then keep reading…

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1. Musk

"Musk is the most used raw material in fragrance and can be found in the base of almost every scent. its earthy, animalistic, carnal qualities balance perfectly with other notes, and it really lingers long after application which means even at the end of your date, you will still omit the fragrance to your partner. The smell of musk closely resembles that of testosterone, which means it is more likely to act as a pheromone. Scientists have found that a strong musk scent is particularly attractive to females as a women's sensitivity to musk is almost 1,000 times greater than that of men's – hence it is claimed that musk can act as an aphrodisiac."

2. Lavender

"Studies have shown that lavender has an arousing effect because it relaxes and de-stresses the body and sense. Lavender is also known as the 'herb of love,' and has been used as a scent to attract the opposite sex before bottled perfume even existed. It has typically been used in male scents, but in 2021 we saw a burst of lavender women's fragrances, which add a sexy, androgynous edge."

3. Sandalwood

“Sandalwood has been used for over 4,000 years as an aphrodisiac, as it relieves tension, relaxes muscles and is well known for its meditative properties. It is also said that it can heighten your sexual chakra. As the name suggests, it has a woody, muskier aroma, but is still sweet which makes it incredibly popular in both male and female scents."

4. Jasmine

"Jasmine is so hypnotic that it's used in over 80% of female fragrances, and 30% of male scents. Jasmine is the perfect mix of floral and wood, and it is traditionally used as a holistic scent to enhance libido – making it the perfect Valentine's companion. Jasmine is sexy, heady, humid and almost has a 'dirty' scent thanks to its natural production of indoles, a raw chemical compound. This makes it the perfect note for the hottest of dates."

5. Tuberose

"Tuberose is arguable the sexiest scent of all time. It may look like a beautiful, delicate flower, but Tuberose is one of the most controversial and subversive scents in the fragrance industry. It is heady, heavy, super sweet and incredibly full bodied. Like Jasmine, its alluring appeal comes down to the idoles which give it a potent appeal. Indole is also produced in small amounts by our skin and released during sex, which goes to explain why most people are attracted to the scents. It comes down to chemistry."

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