Top 3 new shows to watch on Netflix for February 2022

From dealings with the dead to Danny DeVito, here's what to stream now

It's Always Sunny Mac Dennis Dee
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Struggling to decide what to watch this weekend? Fear not! As Netflix continues to roll out new content week after week, we here at T3 have done the research to make sure you know exactly what's worth watching in your precious spare time.

Ever since the days of Netflix's first ever TV series, Lilyhammer, the streaming service has continued to raise its game and compete with the best around. Whether that be Stranger Things, The Crown, After Life, Tiger King, The Umbrella Academy, Daredevil, Narcos or Dark, there's always an overabundance of content available to stream. 

Let's be honest though: it's always better to get in on the best new shows before anyone else, so that's what we're hear to help with. These picks have been taken from Netflix in the UK but can easily be accessed via a VPN for those not in the same country. Of course, a lot of these shows are pretty synonymous worldwide anyway. With that all out the way, let's get down to it.  


Murderville - Conan O'Brien, Will Arnett

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Murderville is fantastic. As I've already written about my new admiration for the new improv murder mystery show, Murderville stars Will Arnett as senior detective Terry Seattle who every episode is paired up with a celebrity who must help him solve a murder. The one distinctive difference here is that the guest star is not given a script beforehand. 

It's an absolute riot! Consisting of six tight 30 to 40-minute episodes with top names such as Conan O'Brien, Sharon Stone, Ken Jeong and more. Me and my partner binge-watched the whole series in one evening and we're on the verge of tears from laughing on multiple occasions. Comedian and Marvel's Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani might top the lot for going as hard as he does during a segment where he is forced to "walk as ugly as possible" to make Arnett look cool. Comedy gold. 

All Of Us Are Dead 

All of Us Are Dead students covered in blood

(Image credit: Yang Hae-sung/Netflix)

Could All Of Us Are Dead be this year's Squid Game? The new South Korean zombie apocalypse series is also a coming-of-age story. The premise: a deadly virus outbreak turns all it touches into flesh-eating zombies. You've heard the schtick before, right? The pull is that it's set within a high school and based around a group of students trying to survive.

The 12 episode run has already topped Netflix charts worldwide and is currently positioned at the number one spot on the streaming platform (at the time of writing). If word of mouth continues, this could be the big breakout hit of 2022. Warning though, it's very gruesome and incredibly violent with some downright terrifying transformations into the undead. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 15 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia cast - The Gang

(Image credit: Patrick McElhenney / FXX)

Normally if you hear about a show reaching its 15th season on-air, it's more often than not run out of steam. It's the exact opposite with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. For anyone that hasn't tried what is now the longest US live-action comedy series of all time, the 20-minute episodes follow the adventures of Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank who run an Irish pub in Philadelphia. All of whom are basically the worst human beings to ever exist.

Every week, something new happens and "The Gang" mess it up. It's clever, it's funny, it's often relevant to the real world and it has Danny DeVito – what more could you want. The newest season looks to continue the series' strong run with premises like "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7", "The Gang Replaces Dee with a Monkey", and "The Gang Carries a Corpse up a Mountain". 

Looking for more TV to blast through this weekend? Make sure to read up on our previous recommendations for the best Netflix shows to watch in January 2022. 

On top of this, If you've been holding off on watching the Marvel Netflix shows – now might be the time, as it looks like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and such will be leaving at the platform at the end of February.

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