The Boys season 4: rumours, trailers and what we know about Prime Video's most controversial show

The next season of The Boys is set to be the most shocking yet

The Boys - Homelander
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It's almost a year since The Boys season 3 ended with some extraordinary goings-on but there's still no announcement on when season 4 might arrive. It finished filming in April this year, however, and some other details are appearing online.

So here's the latest on the most controversial series on Amazon Prime Video, including possible release windows, trailers, and rumours.

What is The Boys?

Based on the equally shocking comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, The Boys is a TV series that follows a group of vigilantes/mercenaries that aim to keep the ever-growing superhero community in line - often with mind-bogglingly gory outcomes.

There are several groups of interest, including the main one, The Seven, led by the Homelander - a Superman-style character who is so powerful that he can just about do whatever he likes... and often does.

The head of The Boys, Butcher, has a personal agenda against Homelander, which works as the main plot thread.

You can watch all three current seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video right now.

There are 24 episodes currently available to view on all the best TVs and streaming devices.

The Boys season 4 release date

Filming on The Boys season 4 reportedly finished in April 2023, but there's still no confirmation on when the series might air.

It is hoped that it will be part of Prime Video's fall release schedule - maybe starting in September/October 2023 - but that might be pushing it considering how much special effects and CG work is needed for each season.

Spring 2024 might be a better bet.

Where to watch The Boys season 4

Like with seasons 1 to 3, The Boys season 4 will be exclusive to Prime Video.

We also expect it to drop an episode at a time when it does arrive. And, considering there have been eight episodes per season do far, we'd put a bet on the next having the same amount.

The Boys season 4 rumours and trailers

The latest on The Boys season 4 is that Simon Pegg will play a much bigger role as Hughie's father, Hugh.

Pegg was the inspiration for the comic book version of Hughie, so it was great to see him in the show, albeit in mostly cameo appearances. This is set to change with Screen Rant reporting that he'll play a larger part in the plot this time around.

So too will Hughie's mother, played by, Rosemarie DeWitt. Thought to be dead, she will return for season 4. Sadly, it is thought that this will lead to some of the saddest, most shocking moments for Hughie yet (apart from his girlfriend being turned to mush by A-Train at the very beginning). Most don't expect the parents to survive.

This is all mainly rumour for now, although there are also some official teases too.

For starters, showrunner Eric Kripke revealed on Twitter in August 2022 that the first episode will be called "Department of Dirty Tricks".

And, more recently, one of the official Twitter accounts - for fictional company Vought International - posted a teaser video starring Colbie Minifie as Ashley Barrett. She refers to the shocking end scenes of season 3 and sets up what to expect at the start of the next series (look away now if you want to avoid spoilers).

One final, incredibly exciting bit of casting news is that Jeffery Dean Morgan will star in season 4 of The Boys. We don't know who he plays yet, but if you've watched him as Negan in The Walking Dead and its spinoff, The Walking Dead: Dead City, you'll know he's a big catch for the show.

Of course, this isn't his first superhero gig - Morgan also played the Comedian in the Watchmen movie.

Will there be a The Boys season 5?

There's no word yet on whether The Boys season 4 is the last or if another season will be commissioned. We hope it's the latter.

Amazon waited until season 3 aired before green-lighting season 4, so we'll keep you up to date with any further news closer the time.

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