Top 3 Netflix alien sci-fi movies for February 2022 (and the secret code to get more)

Sit back and relax: We've found the best alien sci-fi movies on Netflix right now

Riddick screengrab from Netflix, showing Vin Diesel putting on dark goggles
(Image credit: Netflix)

Not everything has to be comfortable and that's what alien moves do so well: the otherworldliness of the subjects create a strange edge. 

If that's your thing then you're in for a treat today: we've found three of the best alien sci-fi movies on Netflix right now, all of which are classics of the genre. 

However, if alien sci-fi doesn't appeal, we've also found the best movies to watch before they're gone, the best new shows, and best horror movies, among many, many others

So buckle up and get ready for the ride. 

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District 9 

District 9 screengrabs, showing alien held at gunpoint by troops

(Image credit: Netflix)

Kicking off the list is something of a modern classic: District 9 is a few years old now but sets the bar very high for everything that comes after it. 

Using fake found footage of interviews to give the movie a sense of realness, District 9 explores ideas around difference and segregation, using gradual transformations into aliens as a starting point. 

Excellent performances and fun special effects make this a really compelling, interesting, and weird movie that's definitely worth a watch (or rewatch). 


Riddick screengrab, showing Vin Diesel wearing goggles

(Image credit: Netflix)

People have mixed feelings on Riddick (and fairly so) but one thing that the movie delivers is fun: everything is really silly, from Vin Diesel's (good!) performance to the CGI.

We're fans of Riddick, and since it's on Netflix and about aliens and sci-fi, it deserves a place on this list… and in your heart? Maybe! Watch it find out. 

If you're hungover or want to watch something that doesn't require an awful lot of brain power, there isn't really anything better. Highly recommended. 

Pacific Rim 

Pacific Rim image showing giant robots standing in the sea

(Image credit: Netflix)

Huge mechs! Aliens! Pacific Rim has it all, including a star-studded cast. While the premise (humans built giant robots to stop giant monster invaders) strains suspension of disbelief, don't let that distract you from the romp that this movie is. 

The Kaiju are genuinely scary and threatening, and the whole movie has a Godzilla-y kinda feel, maybe because it's almost always raining. And the sense of scale is unmatched by practically any other monster movie: you really believe in the sheer bulk of these giant battles.

And with the signature weirdness of director Guillermo del Toro, it's no suprise we love Pacific Rim. There's even a sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising, if you absolutely need more of this stuff. 

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