Tissot reveals PRX 35mm in new ice blue and all-gold colourways

Who knew a bit of 70s bling could still look so great?

Gold and blue Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80
(Image credit: Tissot)

We’re big fans of the Tissot PRX here at T3, and now the Swiss watchmaker has expanded the range with two new colours to get excited about.

The first is an ‘ice blue’ dial with stainless steel case and strap. Tissot says how the dial of this 35mm watch “glows like a frozen Alpine morning” and points out how the waffle-style finish to the dial catches the light like snow.

It’s a wonderful looking thing, and moves the watch game on nicely from its recent obsession with darker blue and greenish ‘Tiffany blue’ dials in the past few years.

Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80

(Image credit: Tissot)

Otherwise, the watch is just like other members of the PRX Powermatic family, with a 35mm case diameter, 100 metres of water resistance, sapphire crystal on the front and back, 80 hours of power reserved from the automatic movement, and a dial complication at the three o’clock position.

If frozen blue is a bit too subtle for you, then Tissot has something a little more…bold. Also added to the PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 family this week is an all-gold version, complete with gold-coloured strap, case, dial, hands, bezel and crown. The dial has the same waffle finish as other models of PRX and the same automatic movement too.

“This modern embodiment of an enduring legacy brings an added dash of audacious vibrancy, stirring echoes of the free-spirited late ‘70s era,” Tissot says. The company adds how both of its new timepieces “represent a bold yet tasteful departure from the ordinary…adapting to the backdrop of a chic rooftop party or to the dynamic tempo of a bustling city street.”

Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80

(Image credit: Tissot)

I was already a big fan of the PRX – especially the 35mm Powermatic 80 variant – and these new additions have only strengthened that feeling. The ice blue model is clearly the more everyday watch of the two, but I can also see myself wearing the gold model every so often as a way to elevate an outfit.

Both watches are available now. The blue model is priced at £610 and the gold variant is £745.

Alistair Charlton

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