This week's best PS4 Pro deals include God of War, Horizon bundles and more

These PS4 Pro deals feature some fantastic games

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Need to get a PS4 Pro deal sorted soon? We don't blame you if you've just seen the new God of War footage – we're going to be all over that game soon enough as Kratos and mini Kratos make their way to the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

But what are the best value PS4 Pro bundle deals out there? We've rounded up some of our favourite deals so you can get involved with this gen's strongest collection of games bar none. Sorry, Sea of Thieves, we're just not that into you.

The best PS4 Pro deals (UK)

White PS4 Pro | Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition | £349.99 at Amazon
When asked what game looks the best on a PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR TV, be prepared for us to excitedly jump around while telling you how ridiculously gorgeous Aloy's post-apocalyptic robo dinosaur hunting epic is. So yeah, it's a little bit special and it comes free with the increasingly rare white PS4 Pro along with the post-release DLC expansion pack, too.
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PS4 Pro God of War Limited Edition console | £379.99 at Game
This upcoming PS4 Pro bundle comes with a limited edition console with a God of War themed paintjob making this a bit more expensive than most PS4 Pro deals. To be fair, though, God of War is looking like an expensive pre-order with prices starting around £45, so this is technically cheaper than buying the console and game on their own. We're expecting this to be the only game that genuinely stands a chance of dethroning Horizon for the title of best-looking PS4 Pro game, too.
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PS4 Pro | FIFA 18 | £349.99 at Very
If you're more into your footy, this PS4 Pro deal from Very comes with a free copy of the latest FIFA. Sorry, we can't do anything about the berk on the box, though.
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White PS4 Pro | GT Sport | £349.99 at Very
GT Sport is only about £20 on its own nowadays, so you might think this PS4 Pro deal looks a bit pricey. Usually you'd be right, but the PS4 Pro alone seems to be back up to £350 and the white model isn't as readily available as it used to be so we're keen to take a look when any bundle pops up and this is the best one this week for racing fans.
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The best PS4 Pro deals (USA)

Limited Edition PS4 Pro | Star Wars: Battlefront II | $399 at Amazon
PS4 Pro bundles in the US are thin on the ground at this time of year, but Amazon has a few units left of this special edition console which comes with a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront II. This is usually $50 more, so don't miss out if you're feeling the Force with this one.
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White PS4 Pro | $399.99 at GameStop
The white PS4 Pro was a latecomer to the US as a standalone purchase. It's a GameStop exclusive for now, but at least the price hasn't been jacked up beyond the RRP.
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