This time next year all Cheap Monday collections will be made from sustainable materials

Clothing with a conscience

Sustainable fashion is all the rage right now, and one brand leading the way is Cheap Monday, with a clear plan for a sustainable future.

In 2016 Cheap Monday started to proactively communicate the importance of sustainability. They launched a C/O Cheap Monday Capsule Collection and installed textile collecting bins in  Cheap Monday Stores where consumers could leave old and unwanted garments and home textiles. 

But that was just the beginning. Currently, the brand's denim is made from 100-percent sustainable materials, while 88-percent of its menswear is and 59-percent of its womenswear.

The goal for Cheap Monday's Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection is to be 100-percent sustainable across the board.

All sustainable materials are produced according to a strict standard and certified by an independent certification body. 

For a Cheap Monday garment to be labelled Sustainable it must contain a minimum of 50% sustainable materials. However, the majority will contain almost up to 100%.

In parallel, we will continue researching always more sustainable options to find new, alternative materials for future collections.

This season's C/O collection explores new materials and processes to create more sustainable products.

Cheap Monday commissioned 5 artists to design limited edition tees and hoodie. These included Laurie Vincent, one half of primal punk band Slaves, Helen Bullock, London based fashion illustrator and print designer, graphic designer Tom Tosseyn, fashion designer Mago Dovjenko and creative director Rob Myers.

Prices range from £30 - £80, and is available to buy from Cheap Monday's website and Carnaby Street Store.

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