This £35 Black Friday earbuds deal from Urbanears is the perfect Xmas present

Urbanears' Alby True Wireless Headphones are excellent earbuds with Swedish style, and a 30% discount

Urbanears headphones with sign saying Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Urbanears)

The best Black Friday deals include some brilliant gift ideas, and we'd be delighted to find these Urbanears Alby True Wireless headphones in our Christmas stocking: they're cracking little earbuds available in a range of fun colours, and right now this Urbanears Alby Black Friday deal brings the Teal Green ones down to just £34.99, saving you 30%.

• Urbanears Alby True Wireless Headphones: was £49.99, now £34.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

I haven't tested these headphones myself, but according to they sound very good for the price. They're good looking, well designed and comfortable, and I think the Teal Green is the nicest of the colour options: it's more refined than the often garish colours some earbuds come in. 

Because they have ear tips you're going to get better sound isolation than you would from earbuds like the non-pro AirPods: I much prefer to seal my ears against the outside world rather than have my earbuds sitting outside my ear canal. 

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Urbanears Alby True Wireless Headphones: was £49.99, now £34.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Fancy something a bit different from white AirPods? Urbanears has you covered. These cool, cute earbuds come in a range of fun colours, run for 15 hours and are splash-resistant too. There are built-in mics for making and receiving calls. For Black Friday, you can get the Teal Green ones (pictured) for just £34.99.

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