This one Google Pixel 8 power feature would win me over instantly

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Google Pixel 7a
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Google's next pair of phones should be shown to the world this week, with Google's own Made By Google event on October 4th. They let set to be some mighty impressive devices with camera upgrades, new chips and a massive step up in display brightness. But there's one thing that has me wary of making the Pixel 8 my next Android. 

I currently use a OnePlus 10T that has a massive 150W charging speed (when plugged in). It has been a massive benefit for me and my forgetfulness. Waking up, finding my phone on single digits of battery and then getting a day's worth of juice by the time I'm out the front door has been a lifesaver.  

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro only featured 20W and 23W charging respectively, a fraction of my OnePlus. If rumoured leaks are to be believed then the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will feature 27W and 30W charging. That's a slight upgrade but still a long way away from some of the other best Androids

Google Pixel 8 Pro leak

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Of course, charging speed is a moot point if the phone's battery takes an age to drain, and it could be argued the new Pixels will be some of the longest-lasting phones on the market. Both phones have seemingly received a bump in battery capacity (more so the entry-level Pixel 8) and with a rumoured move to a G2 Tensor chipset, we would hope for improved battery efficiency. 

Fingers crossed that the leaks are wrong and that the charging speed is more than estimated. In fairness, the charging speed of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is only 25W so Google has seemingly overtaken Apple there. As for wireless charging, it is once again expected the Pixel 8 pro will top out at 23W, still much faster than the iPhone 15 range.

With two manufacturers of the best phones shunning this super fast speed, perhaps the real lesson here is that I need to plug my phone in before I go to bed. 

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