This is the world's first ever smart candle, and I want one

The Relm Smart Candle looks as good as it smells

relm smart candle
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As we head into winter, there's nothing like a good home fragrance to make your space feel cosy and warm. Whether you prefer an oil diffuser or just an old-fashioned room spray, there are many ways to scent your home and create the atmosphere you want. Well, wait until you see the new kid on the block. 

Today, Relm introduced the world to its first ever smart candle. Launched on Kickstarter, Relm has designed the candle to seamlessly blend into its users' daily lives thanks to its innovative features, such as smart home connectivity, custom scheduling, no-spill wax removal, aroma profiles and personalised mood lighting.

From a scented sunrise alarm, to a living room sensory side-kick, Relm aims to redefine home scenting by transforming a basic candle into a smart home essential. Keep reading to find out more... 

How does it work?

The Relm Smart Candle acts a bit like a wax warmer, but has a number of smart features that sets it apart from the rest. It starts with the device's innovative no-spill wax removal feature, making switching scents a breeze. All you have to do it pop your choice of wax on top and let the beautiful scent engulf you and your home. Once it's melted and you're ready to switch it out, you just twist the top, leave for a few seconds and then remove it. It's as easy as that!

Relm have also introduced a feature called Wax Feathering, crafted to enhance your aromatherapy experience by prolonging your wax life and saving you money. This sustainable solution gradually cools and warms your wax, extending its longevity and ensuring an even and consistent distribution of fragrance. It's all about making the most of your favourite scents without needing constant replacements - saving you time, energy and money. 

For added convenience, Relm's smart scheduling feature also enables you to craft an experience that perfectly aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. This includes preheating, leveraging location-based triggers, adjusting ambient lighting to your liking and enabling wax feathering. 

Relm also has numerous lighting settings, perfect for crafting a captivating ambiance and atmosphere in your space. The device's personalised mood lighting feature serves as the canvas, allowing you to paint your surroundings with hues that gracefully complement your chosen aroma.

What about the wax? 

Relm also offers a diverse collection of high quality soy wax melts sourced from around the world. From soothing lavender fields to invigorating citrus groves, users cam embark on a new scent journey every day, or mix and match to create your unique aromatic blend. 

What's really cool is that the app also provides real-time updates about the candle's status, notifying you when it's time to change the wax. The wax melts can also be ordered through the app. 

When will it be available? 

The Relm Smart Candle is due to be released and available for purchase in April 2024. For more information, look at Relm's Kickstarter

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