These smart essential oil diffusers have changed the way I relax

Smart scent diffusers: what they are, why you need them and top picks

Smart scent diffusers
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I think it’s safe to say that smart home devices have changed the way we complete daily tasks and activities. From using the best smart speaker to play music and read recipes to asking the best smart bulbs to dim the lights and set the mood, more and more appliances and accessories are getting the smart treatment.

While the majority of smart home devices are designed to tighten your security or better automate your routines, there are other smart devices that are simply there to make your life more enjoyable and comfortable. One perfect example of this is a smart diffuser.

Smart diffusers act in a similar way to the best oil diffusers. Once you’ve set it up and added a few drops of the best essential oils, the diffuser pumps scented air around the room to freshen up your living space and transform your mood. Smart diffusers differ in that they come with an accompanying app which you can use to control the scent output, lighting and set schedules. 

Setting up a standard oil diffuser isn’t exactly a difficult task. All you have to do is plug it in, fill it with water, add oils to the mix and let it do its thing! But using a smart diffuser has completely changed the way I relax and wind down, simply by making the whole process easier. Here’s why you need a smart diffuser and the top three devices I’d recommend.

Why you need a smart diffuser

The main difference between standard oil diffusers and smart diffusers is the app connectivity. By connecting your smart diffuser to an app, you can easily adjust the fragrance intensity and lighting with the tap of a button. Some smart diffusers can also be customised via voice commands.

The feature I like the most about smart diffusers is its schedules and timers. While most diffusers will turn themselves off automatically after a few hours, I think it’s handy to be able to set how long you want your diffuser on for and the time of day you want it to switch on. If you’re someone who finds it hard to switch off, setting up your smart diffuser to turn on at a specific time can encourage your body to wind down and relax.

Best oil diffusers: Homedics Ellia Dream Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Aroma Diffuser

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I’ve started using a smart diffuser before bed and it’s made a huge difference to my relaxation and sleep routine. Smell is a powerful tool and picking the right scent can vastly improve your mood. Releasing a calming scented oil like lavender when it’s time to get ready for bed can almost ‘trick’ the body and brain into feeling sleepier which can result in falling asleep faster and sleeping more deeply. Rather than having to get up to switch everything on/off, having a smart diffuser automatically come on at a specific time has made a world of difference to my nighttime routine.

Most smart diffusers come with light and sounds, for example, the Homedics Ellia Adore has multiple colours to choose from and soothing background music that you can select with its remote control. Light and sound are also great for helping you relax and shut off for the night and being able to set this up on your phone or tablet makes the whole process more streamlined.

Top three smart scent diffusers

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